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  1. Condeferate
  2. South Korea
  3. Great Depression
  4. Italy
  5. Samuel Morse
  1. a controlled byt the USA
  2. b diffucult years from 1929-1939
  3. c invented the telegraph and morse code
  4. d ruled by a Facist Gov't - ruled by Benito Mussolini - attacked ETHIOPIA
  5. e soldiers who wore gray and fought for the South

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  1. half-wild cattle
  2. America's most famous evangelist in the 19th century
  3. people who spent much time trying to outlaw slavery
  4. led the expodition that discovered the North Pole
  5. most decorated infantry unit in all of the United States Army

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  1. Casey Jonesmost famous pioneer of colonial times


  2. Nat'l Socialism 3invented the telegraph and morse code


  3. Jefferson Davispresident of the Confederate States of America


  4. The battle of Gettysburgthe South lost this battle making it a turning point of the Civil War


  5. John WesleyEnglish founder of the Methodist church


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