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  1. 4 motivationally relevant neurotransmitter pathways
  2. environmental event
  3. anterior cingulate cortex
  4. hormonal activity
  5. psychological needs
  1. a they are inherent within the strivings of human nature and heathly development ex., autonomy, competence, relatedness
  2. b Ex: food deprivation
  3. c dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphin
  4. d chemicals in saliva or blood, such as cortisol ( stress) or catecholamines ( fight or flight reaction)
  5. e mood, volition, making choices

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  1. electrical changes on the surface of the skin (expression of or stimulus significance)
  2. a hormone produced by stomach cells and circulates in the blood
  3. contraction and relaxation of the heart and blood vessels ( attractive incentives, difficult/challenging tasks)
  4. detecting and responding to threat and danger (ex., via fear, anger, and anxiety)
  5. it is relatively strong, intense, and persistant and is aimed toward acheiving a particular goal

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  1. medial forebrain bundlepleasure, reinforcement


  2. the origins of intrinsic motivation areautonomy, competence, relatedness


  3. left prefrontal cerebral cortexapproach motivational and emotional tendancies


  4. will (bodily desires)is primitive, impulsive, biological, and reative


  5. instinctis a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes


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