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  1. Crecy
  2. Great Schism
  3. Crusade
  4. Nicaea
  5. Tiber
  1. a what was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders
  2. b In the battle here, the longbow not chivalry won the day.
  3. c the river that Rome was built on.
  4. d one of the expeditions in which medieval Christian warriors sought to recover control of the Holy land from the Muslims.
  5. e the split in the Church when you had a pope in Avignon and one in Rome.

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  1. a unified body of law formed from rulings
  2. Joined the Third Crusade; heard that Jerusalem had fallen to the Muslims; left others to rule England
  3. the word for leather tent in Latin
  4. the Roman leader that suffered from epilepsy. Roman leader that said "The die is cast" and enslaved 500,000 people from Gaul after its conquest
  5. Form of torture that involved rollers and a handle.

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  1. three-field systemthe name of the sect that in 66 A.D., took control of Jerusalem.


  2. Pope Leo IXissued the bull that set up the tribunal court system to try heretics


  3. William the Conquerorinvaded England in 1066.


  4. Zamathe earliest written Gospel


  5. Pax Romanathe 207 years of peace in the Roman Empire were known as this.


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