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  1. Transfer of training
  2. Joint employment
  3. Honesty/integrity tests
  4. Bias
  5. Synthesis
  1. a Measures of applicants' propensity toward undesirable behaviors such as lying, stealing, taking drugs, or abusing alcohol.
  2. b Level of learning at which the learner is able to respond to new situations and determine trouble-shooting techniques and solutions.
  3. c Effective and continuing on-the-job application of the knowledge and skills gained during a learning experience.
  4. d Situation in which an organization shares joint responsibility and liability for their alternative workers with an alternative staffing supplier; also known as co-employment.
  5. e Occurs when an appraiser's values, beliefs, or prejudices distort performance ratings.

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  1. Act that provides some relief to employers using third parties to conduct workplace investigations.
  2. Allow organizations to partner with communities and schools to help develop the skilled workforce they will need for the future.
  3. Process of providing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) specific to a task or job.
  4. Intial phase of employee training that covers job responsibilities and procedures, organizational goals and stategies, and company policies.
  5. Spells out qualifications necessary for an incumbent to be able to perform a job.

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  1. Plateaued careerCareer state of employees who are no longer considered promotable.


  2. OutplacementDirecting day-to-day organizational operations.


  3. Learning stylesWays individuals learn and process ideas.


  4. Criterion-related validityRefers to the link between a selection device and job performance.


  5. Kinesthetic learnersPeople who learn best through a hands-on approach; also called tactile learners.


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