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  1. Alcohol
  2. Inhibition of protein synthesis
  3. ELISA test
  4. Choosing an antimicrobial agent
  5. Tetracycline
  1. a used to detect the presence of antibodies that are directed against the specific invading virus (HIV)
  2. b broad spectrum
    protein synthesis inhibition
  3. c denature proteins, cell membrane
  4. d tetracycline, erythromycin
  5. e type of bacteria, mechanism of action, allergies, cost, lifestyle, side effects, toxicity, other medications (drug interactions), chronic disease, complience, age

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  1. micrograms
    1x10 ^-6
    1 millionth of a gram
  2. phosphate buffered saline
    remove excess unbound antigen
  3. uses the suceptibility test discs saturated with antimicrobial drug
  4. artificial electron donor is used to reduce cytochrome C
    colorless in reduced state
    purple/blue when oxidized
  5. the virus enters the body of the host
    the virus is engulfed and processed by a macrophage
    the macrophage chemically stimulates lymphocytes to launch an attack against the invading virus

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  1. AIDScaused by HIV-1
    results in the deterioration of the immune system
    immune suppresion leads to an increase in infections rates by other organisms, as well as an increase in certain cancers


  2. Immediate viral replicationnew virions released


  3. GP 120analytical profile index
    20 biochemical tests
    E- enterobacteriaceae


  4. Lack of coloroxidase negative


  5. ResistantTB


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