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  2. assessment of pain
  3. hypocalcemia
  4. The usual interval at which nursing assessments, including vital signs, are monitored in the postoperative phase is every:
    A) 15 minutes times 4; every 30 minutes times 4; every hour times 4; then every 4 hours
  5. potential complications of the GI
  1. a 15 minutes times 4; every 30 minutes times 4; every hour times 4; then every 4 hours.
  2. b paralitic ileus
    a decrease or absence of peristalsis this may occur after abdominal surgery
  3. c serum level calcium <9.0
  4. d subjective: the patient's description of discomfort (scale of 1 to 10)
    objective: detectable signs of pain (restlessness, moaning, grimacing, diaphoresis, vital sign changes, pallor, guarding area of pain
    TENS unit
    applies electrical impulses to the nerve endings and blocks transmission of pain signals

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  1. postanesthesia care unit
    vital signs checked every 15 minutes
    respiratory and GI function monitored
    wound evaluated for drainage and exudate
    pain medication given as needed
    transfer to nursing unit must be approve by the anesthesiologist or surgeon
  2. related to:
    emergency nature of surgery
  3. Excessive oral intake; renal failure; malignancy; dehydration, osteoporosis
  4. Improve ventilation, encourage fluids
  5. are often stoic when ill. complaints of pain to the nurse may be in general terms such as, "I am uncomfortable." undertreatment of pain is common. the patient may lack basic trust.

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  1. RUSSIAN-AMERICANserum magnesium level < 1.3


  2. Major cationsNa, K, Ca, Mg


  3. The following is true regarding preoperative teaching?PREOPERATIVE
    before surgery

    during surgery

    following surgery


  4. coping, compromised familyrelated to:
    temporary role change of patient
    impending severity of surgery


  5. Major anionsthe effectiveness of the plan of care is evaluated by the nurse


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