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  1. impressionistic
  2. commence
  3. guile
  4. deter
  5. infer
  1. a sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
  2. b to prevent or discourage from acting, by means of fear or doubt
  3. c to draw a conclusion from evidence
  4. d to begin
  5. e describing a highly personal, individual response to experience; reflecting a style of painting of the late nineteeth century that focuses on a personal or momentary view of something

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  1. a very small piece; a small treat
  2. pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful; spicy or salty, but not sweet; morallygood or satisfactory; respectable
  3. to board a plane or ship; to start a major effort; to set out on a venture
  4. excellent judgement and insight; skill in perceiving
  5. to take advantage of people by tricking or fooling them; someone tricked and taken advantage of

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  1. refuteto make a first public appearance; a formal presentation of a young woman into society


  2. simmerto prevent or discourage from acting, by means of fear or doubt


  3. culinarydeliberate deception in behavior or speech


  4. apologista tribute; spoken or written praise, often given in honor of a person who has died


  5. debutopen and observable; not hidden or secret


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