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  1. to discard, to cast off as an encumbrance
  2. a giant failure
  3. strive, compete, contend
  4. a person with unusual skill in any field, particularly in the arts
  5. plummet
  1. a to fall or plunge straight downward
  2. b vie
  3. c virtuoso
  4. d fiasco
  5. e jettison

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  1. to avoid by going around, to outwit, to encircle
  2. sediment
  3. amalgam
  4. roster
  5. strong and firm, tough

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  1. pertaining to females, a stick made to hold up wool or flax for spinningqueue


  2. ruckus, furor, hubbub,attentive, obedient, overly polite


  3. arcanesecret, mysterious


  4. (n.) regret for having done something wrongprojectile


  5. sleepwalkerto steal insignificant items


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