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  1. solar
  2. chemical
  3. Neil Armstrong
  4. gaseous
  5. irregular
  1. a full of or containing gas; existing as a gas
  2. b a form of galaxy with an irregular shape
  3. c energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
  4. d energy received by the earth from the sun
  5. e the first person to set foot on the moon

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  1. a sudden eruption of hydrogen gas on the surface of the sun, usually associated with sunspots and accompanied by a burst of ultraviolet radiation that is often followed by a magnetic disturbance
  2. the motion of a planet as it orbits the sun
  3. an instument for automattically detecting and recording the intensity, direction, and duration of a movement of the ground, especially in an earthquake
  4. the amount of mass in a unit volume of a substance
  5. front where cold and warm air meet and water vapor condenses into rain, snow, fog, or clouds

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  1. accumulationthe spinning of a planet on its axis


  2. precipitationmovement and filtering of water through porous materials


  3. heliocentricmotion; of waves, electrons, atoms, molecules, sustances, and objects


  4. inertiathe law that states that an object at rest will remain at rest until an outside force acts upon it, or an object in motion will remain in motion until an outside force acts upon it


  5. wella horizonal movement of air that moves along, or parallel to, the ground; sometimes in currents or streams


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