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  1. the highest density of what kind of channels exist on the spike initiaion zone
  2. what is being studied as a possible treatment for alzheimers that when given the desire is to keep it in the brain
  3. what is the first layer of the cortex to be formed
  4. is neurotransmitter release independent or dependent on action potential and calcium
  5. the use of l-dopa to cross the bbb is an example of what type of process
  1. a voltage gated sodium channels
  2. b independent
  3. c use of precursor
  4. d layer 6
  5. e estrogen

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  1. unidirectional
  2. 1
  3. receptor mediated
  4. marginal
  5. filopodia

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  1. the longer the lenght constant the_____distance the depolarization can spreadendotelial cells


  2. what is the term for the reaction of the cell body of a neuron to injury of an axonchromatolysis


  3. on which part of the neuron is the spike initiation zone most likely to come offinitial segment of the axon hillock


  4. in postnatal development there is little change in the number of____ but drastic refinement of _____mitochondria


  5. Neurons receive and send messages to each other through linked pathways known as whatcaspases


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