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  1. Present Indicative Passive
  2. lead (away)
  3. Amendment 23
  4. What is the 13th Amendment?
  5. Amendment 11
  1. a amor
    (āris, ātur)
  2. b dēdūcō,
    (dēdūcere, dēdūxī, dēdectus, 3rd)
  3. c Limiting powers of federal courts
  4. d An amendment that freed all slaves in all states.
  5. e Electoral College

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  1. Discourse; asking questions to get to the truth.
  2. Sensationalism with false information and an (usually political) agenda.
  3. No material world outside of human conciousness.
  4. When national power is secondary to state power, and has only power that the states grant.
  5. Method of Amendment

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  1. Article 3Judicial Branch


  2. Amendment 27Salaries of Senators and Representatives take effect after election


  3. What started the Great War? (WWI)The assassination of the Austrian archduke (Francis Ferdinand) by a Serbian terrorist.


  4. What document was adopted by the second Continental Congress?The Declaration of Independence.


  5. am away/distantabsum,
    (abesse, āfuī, āfutūrus, intr.)
    (ā, ab with ablative)


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