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  1. Chastise
  2. Grapple
  3. Myopic
  4. Surmise
  5. Recant
  1. a to make an educated guess
  2. b to retract a statement, opinion, etc.
  3. c to wrestle; to come to grips with
  4. d to rebuke or criticize severely
  5. e nearsighted; narrow-minded

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  1. pertaining to art or beauty
  2. to move or act confusedly without clear purpose
  3. deception, dishonestly, double-dealing
  4. to deceive, trick
  5. to pass on to others; to leave to another in one's will

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  1. Susceptibleopen or subject to; easily influenced or affected by


  2. Ennuia much larger supply than is needed


  3. Tempestuousstormy, raging, furious


  4. Burlybrawny, husky


  5. Ilkvery tiny amount


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