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  1. Sojourn
  2. subversive
  3. paucity
  4. Addenda
  5. laggard
  1. a a temporary stay N/V
  2. b small in number or quantity, shortage or want N
  3. c that which undermines ADJ
  4. d lagging or tending to lag, dilatory, negligent V one that lags N
  5. e N, Addition or thing added usually addendum pl

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  1. radiant splendor, brilliance ADJ
  2. to ambush V
  3. swiftness, speed N
  4. to expose to shame or falsehood, to betray V
  5. of or relating to dreams, dreamy

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  1. extrapolateto project, extend, or expand into an area not fully known V


  2. amityfriendship, peaceful harmony, mutual peace between nations. N


  3. Nefarioustrembling, timid, fearful


  4. askanceattack violently with blows or words VB


  5. Diaconateto refute convincingly V


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