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  1. carbonation
  2. bedrock
  3. Crust
  4. transform
  5. topsoil
  1. a solid rock layer beneather the subsoil
  2. b plates that slide past each other in opposite direction
  3. c the upper layer of soil
  4. d The outermost layer of the earth
  5. e the rpcess by which carbon dioxide dissolves in water

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  1. the breakdown of rocks as a result of chemical reactions, causing new substances to be formed
  2. consisting of compounds that do not contain carbon
  3. the study of how the lithospheric plates interact
  4. a chemical change in which oxygen combines with another substance
  5. the very dense solid center of the earth

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  1. Lithospherethe dense liquid part of the core


  2. Convection Currentthe circular movement of heated materials to a cooler area


  3. stratahorizontal layers of material


  4. convergent boundaryplates push together


  5. divergent boundaryplates pull apart


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