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  1. nearly 50% of all brain problems are____in nature
  2. what type of channels exist at the center of the nodes of ranvier
  3. what type of channels exist at the paranode or closer to the node on the node of ranvier
  4. what is used as a research tool in studying connections between cells
  1. a vascular
  2. b potassium
  3. c axonal transport
  4. d sodium

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  1. corticospinal pathway
  2. internal jugular vein
  3. alpha
  4. feet
  5. arachnoid mater

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  1. what is the middle layer of the neurotubemeningeal


  2. what covers the forebrain and is folded into gyri and suliccerebral cortex


  3. what are the intermediate filaments that make the cytoskeleton of the axonthalmus, hypothalmus


  4. what is the name of the region where a spinal tap is taken fromproximal


  5. the lateral edges of the neural plate rise to form whatcerebellum


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