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  1. Warranty deed
  2. Warrant
  3. Intervening conduct
  4. Criminal negligence
  5. Misdemeanors
  1. a a lesser crime that is neither a felony nor treason, punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment in other than state or federal penitentiaries
  2. b a judicial authorization for the performance of an act that would otherwise be illegal
  3. c a deed containing one or more covenants of title; a deed that expressly guarantees goods, clear title and that contains covenants concerning the quality of title, including defense of title against all claims
  4. d in tort, an independent cause that comes between the original wrongful act and the injury that relieves liability that would otherwise exist for the original act
  5. e gross negligence so extreme that it is punishable as a crime

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  1. Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations
  2. the failure to do something that a reasonable person, guided by the ordinary considerations that regulate human affairs, would do or the doing of something that a reasonable person would not do
  3. when evidence shows that a reasonable person would conclude that the benefits of a product's particular design compared to a reasonable alternative design did not outweigh the dangers inherent in the original design
  4. a standard adopted in several states in place of proximate clause; jury may hold a defendant liable in tort if it finds that defendant's conduct was a major cause of the injury in question
  5. whether an injury to users could have been prevented by designing the product differently

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  1. Beneficiarythe intentional un-allowed touching of another


  2. Intentional tortsan individual or business that commits a tort


  3. Privilegea servitude that gives the right to pasture cattle, dig for minerals, or otherwise take away some part of the soil


  4. Tollrefers to a time period, usually set by statute, required to meet an obligation or to be met for a right to exist


  5. Tortfeasorsan unauthorized intrusion upon the property rights of another


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