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  1. besmirch
  2. fop
  3. opulent
  4. demeanor
  5. sedulous
  1. a rich, luxurious, wealthy
  2. b behavior, manning of conducting one's self
  3. c to make dirty, to stain
  4. d an excessively fashion-conscious man
  5. e hard working; diligent

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  1. local, narrow, limited, provincial, narrow minded
  2. respect; consideration
  3. best, most favorable, ideal
  4. a minor offense; a misdeed
  5. accidental, nonessential, incidental

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  1. quandarya puzzling situation; a dilemma


  2. carnallocal, narrow, limited, provincial, narrow minded


  3. obloquyto look at or think with great satisfaction, revel, crow


  4. extenuateto lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses


  5. parodya work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner


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