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  1. Aloof
  2. Pacifist
  3. Abu al-Abbas became well known in the court of Charlemagne as a
  4. tantamount
  5. Antiquated
  1. a Old-fashioned; obsolete
  2. b Equivalent in effect or value
  3. c gift from the Abbasid court.
  4. d One opposed to force; antimilitarist
  5. e Apart; reserved

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  1. the study of how genetic variations among populations affect drug response
  2. Boaster
  3. Weaken; enfeeble
  4. Person celebrated for wisdom
  5. Great fire

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  1. The term feudalismis a term that has fallen out of favor among historians.


  2. SaturateExcessively or elaborately decorated


  3. bioinformaticsAssertion; confirmation


  4. IronicAncient; out of date


  5. ElegyPoem or song expressing lamentation


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