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  1. Satirical
  2. Pacifist
  3. Strident
  4. In Byzantium, the ________ provided land to peasants in exchange for military service.
  5. Recount
  1. a One opposed to force; antimilitarist
  2. b theme system
  3. c Narrate or tell; count over again
  4. d Loud and harsh; insistent
  5. e Mocking; characterized by ironic; sarcastic, caustic wit to attack or expose folly

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  1. Express disapproval of; belittle
  2. The state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
  3. tiny microscope slides that are spotted with DNA fragmetns in orger to analyze all the expressed genes from a given organism
  4. Painstaking; excessively careful
  5. Relieve

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  1. genomethe ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism


  2. EulogyExpression of praise


  3. PonderousWeighty; unwieldy


  4. AustereSupport; reinforce


  5. DisputationArgumentative; fond of arguing


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