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  1. Whimsical
  2. Ponderous
  3. Pithy
  4. Charlatan
  5. The wealthiest and most powerful city organized by the Slavs in Russia was
  1. a Kiev.
  2. b Capricious; fanciful
  3. c A quack; pretender to knowledge
  4. d Concise; meaningful; substantial; meaty
  5. e Weighty; unwieldy

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  1. Gracious; heartfelt
  2. Impertinence; insolence
  3. Medicine to counteract a poison or disease; something that relieves a harmful effect
  4. Provide written evidence
  5. gift from the Abbasid court.

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  1. EclecticPracticing self-denial; austere


  2. PenurySevere poverty; stinginess


  3. The attitude of Byzantine rulers towards their subjects and court washighly formal, with an emphasis on protocol and lavish dress.


  4. CriterionStandard used in judging


  5. HyperboleExaggeration; overstatement


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