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  1. Jocular
  2. Rhetorical
  3. Nefarious
  4. Appease
  5. Redundant
  1. a Said or done in jest
  2. b Unnecessary; repetitious; excessively wordy
  3. c Pacify or sooth; relieve
  4. d Very wicked
  5. e Pertaining to effective communication; insincere in language; characterized by overly elaborate, bombastic language

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  1. Wasteful; reckless with money
  2. the process that results in large numbers of identical bacteria each containing inserted DNA molecules
  3. Manually skilled worker; craftsman opposed to artist
  4. Opinion contrary to popular belief
  5. Irregularity

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  1. AssuageSeek to attain; long for


  2. DeriviativeUnoriginal; derived from another source


  3. SaturateTurn into vapor


  4. AlleviateRelieve


  5. EulogyExpression of praise


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