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Embedding Quizlet on a web page


You can embed Flashcards, Learn, Scatter, Speller, Space Race, or Test mode for any public study set. (If the set is password protected, visible to class members only, or private to you, this option will not appear.)

Click on the "Embed" button under "More Tools" on the upper right side of the set page.


This window will pop up with all six embed codes. Simply click on the embed code to highlight it.


Next copy the code. On a keyboard use either use Command + "c" on a Mac or Ctrl + "c" on a PC. You can also right click your mouse and select "copy."

Now switch over to On your Teachers Group page, click on the "Link" button.

You'll see a pop-up window. Paste the Quizlet embed code into the top portion and provide a name in the bottom portion. Then click "Attach."

The last step is to add a Post and click "Send." All of your students in the Group will receive a message with the link to the Quizlet set.

Students (and you) will see the post show up in your stream. Click on the Title name—in this case "US State Capitals"—to unfold the Quizlet interface.

You will now see Quizlet on Edmodo! Click in the lower right corner to switch between study modes.

Please note that student progress is NOT tracked when they study this way. So high scores in Scatter and completion of Learn or Speller Mode will not be recorded. Students must be logged in on itself for their progress to be tracked.

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