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Converting a word doc (using import)

It's easy to create a Quizlet set from any word document.

Open an existing document or create one from scratch. Any word processing program will work. So you could use Microsoft Word, Pages, TextEdit, or your favorite text editor.

Make sure that each line has only one term and definition, which can be separated by either a comma, tab, or symbol of your choice. It just has to be a consistent symbol separating the terms and definitions. Start a new line for each term and definition.

Create a Set

Next go to Quizlet and click "Create."


Fill in your Title, Description, and Subject. Choose your privacy settings.

And select your Language(s).

Import your list

Open your Word Doc and select and copy all the text you would like to use.

Now go back to Quizlet and click "Import Data."

Set what you used to separate terms and definitions: tab, comma, or custom symbol.

Paste your terms and definitions in the blank white box.

Click "Import." And then Click "Create Set."

And you're done!

Create Set