Creating a test

Test mode makes it easy for your students to study material at home or in class.


You can assign a Quizlet set for students to study and then print out a randomly generated, customizable test based on the same material for class the next day.

Printable Tests

Print out customizable tests from the materials they studied at home in seconds.

Choose from 4 different question formats as well as the number of questions.

Written Answer Questions

Matching Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

True/False Questions

Test Mode will save you time and your students will know exactly what to study.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students can also study with Quizlet's additional study and game modes: Flashcard, Speller, Learn, Scatter, and Space Race.

Quizlet's instant feedback keeps them motivated and on the right track.

Students can use Test Mode to study until they're sure to get 100% in class.

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