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Managing your classes and members

Editing Class Info

If you are an admin for a class, you can edit the title, description, and allow class members to add sets and other members by clicking on "Edit" on the upper right of the class page.




By default, class members will be notified by email when a set is added to the class. To enable or disable email notifications, have your students click on "Notifications" under "Class Options" on the class page.


Removing and Re-adding Members

To remove a member, go to the "Class Members" tab on the class page. The options to remove a member or "Make Admin" will be to the right of each member's username. (Please note that only Quizlet staff can remove admin status once given.)


To re-add a previously removed member, scroll to the bottom of the "Class Members" tab and click on "Show removed members."


Then choose to "Restore" the member you'd like to re-add to the class.


Removing or Deleting a Class

To remove a class, click "Drop Class" under "Class Options."


Please note that if you are an admin and you leave a class, another member will be promoted to admin.

To permanently delete a class, remove all members and then drop the class - the class will then auto-delete.

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