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Managing your classes

Editing Class Info

If you are an admin for a class, you can edit the title, description, and allow class members to add sets and other members by clicking on "Edit" on the upper right of the class page.

Classes - Edit


Enable or disable email notifications for all of your classes under your user settings.


Removing and Re-adding Members

To remove a member, go to the "Members" tab and click on "Edit Members." The options to remove a member or "Make Admin" will appear to the right of each member's username. When finished, click "Done Editing."


To re-add a previously removed member, go to the "Invite More People" tab and click on the gray text "Need to re-invite removed members?" at the bottom. All removed members will appear, and you will have to option to re-add them to the class.


Removing or Deleting a Class

To remove a class, click "Drop Class" on the list of options.


To permanently delete a class, remove all members and then drop the class - the class will then auto-delete.

Please note that if you are an admin and you leave a class, another member will be promoted to admin.

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