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Studying multiple sets together

In order to study sets together, they must be a folder together. If you have a group of sets for your exam on friday, create folder called "exam friday" and then choose your study mode.

You can create a new folder from the side bar of your logged-in home page:


Or you can create one from the set page of one of the sets you'd like to combine:


Add a name for the folder, "Exam on Friday" for example (and optionally add a description):


Then add the sets you need to study to the folder. If you created the sets, you'll be able to add them right from the new folder page.


If the sets are someone else's, you can add the set to a folder from the set page:


Now you can study all the sets in the folder together.


When you 're done, you can delete the folder (but it won't delete the sets inside the folder).

Too many terms to study?

Unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of terms that you can study at the same time on Quizlet. Folders that contain over 2,000 terms cannot be studied together right now.

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