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Teacher overview

In minutes you can have interactive and engaging content for your students to study on Quizlet.

What do you want your students to study?

Create your own flashcards or search from millions already created by other users.

For example, here are sample sets of flashcards for European History, Spanish Vocab, Periodic Table, and SAT Words.


How do they want to study?

Once you make 1 set on Quizlet, your students can study it 6 different ways!

  • Flashcards familiarize students with new material.
  • Learn tests their knowledge of the subject.
  • Speller speaks words in 18 languages and corrects students on their mistakes.
  • Test generates a graded quiz with a custom format.
  • Scatter the terms and definitions on the screen and put them back together.
  • Space Race shots a term across the screen while you type the definition.

Studying with a class

Create a class for all your students to get your resources in one place.

Where do they want to study?

Students can study on their own at home or on Mobile apps.

With PDF printing options you can even bring Quizlet offline.

 Quizlet in and out of the classroom

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