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Adding Flickr images to a set

Adding Images from Flickr

Go to the Create a New Set page. You can add images to the Definition side, with or without text. Click the "Add Images" checkbox and three buttons will pop up: "Add text," "Upload image," and "Search images."

Search Images on Flickr

Use the "Search images" button to browse and import billions of free images from Flickr. (Please note we only show Flickr images available through the Creative Commons license.)

Type in a term to search, for example "cow," and use the Prev and Next buttons to view available images. Click "Use this image" to select the one you'd like.

Adding your own images

You can upgrade to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher to add your own images to your sets.


There are three reasons why images may not appear on your flashcards:

  1. You're on an iPad. Unfortunately Apple does not make this possible.
  2. Flickr is blocked. Go to Do you see a webpage? If not, then Flickr is blocked on your network and you will not be able to view flashcards with Flickr images. Ask your IT administrator to allow access (whitelist) to Flickr.
  3. Quizlet is blocked. Even if you can use, the images section may still be blocked. Try clicking on this link. Do you see an image of Quizlet's logo? If not, then Quizlet is still partially blocked. Ask your IT administrator to allow access to (whitelist) both,, and all their subdomains.
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