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Playing Space Race



The ultimate video game study simulation. Once you start the game, definitions will scroll across the screen. It's your job to type in the corresponding term to "destroy" the definition before it scrolls out of sight. The longer you play, the faster they scroll!

Space Race

Your game options appear at the bottom of the screen below the text box where you type your answers. Here, you can opt to ignore the letter case, punctuation, spaces, or stuff in parentheses as you type. You can also choose to have terms scroll across instead of the definitions, or to have a random mix of terms and definitions - just click the dropdown menu next to "Show...":

You can change this at any time in the game; the next item to scroll across will reflect your changes! However, it may be helpful to pause the game first so that you don't accidentally miss a term. Just click "Pause" at the top of the screen.

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