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Creating a class for your students

Quizlet classes are a great way to get your materials organized for your students. With a free Quizlet account you can create up to 8 classes, and with a Quizlet Teacher account you can create unlimited classes.

Sign up for a Quizlet account

If you haven't already, sign up for a Quizlet account.

Create a class

From your main logged in page, click on "Join or create a class" on the left sidebar.


Enter the name of your class and click on "Create your own."


Edit your class name, select if others can add sets and members, and enter your school name. Choose the correct school from the drop-down options that appear.

Create class page

If you don't see your school name, you can add it by clicking on "Don't see your school? Add your school."

Dont see school

Enter your school name, city, state, and country - then click "Create Class." Please note: You can't edit school information once the class has been created, so make sure to check for spelling!


Once you have created a class, your school choices will be saved for when you next create one.

Add study sets

Add sets that are relevant to the class. You can do this from the class page by clicking on "Add a Set" on the upper right.


You can also add a set from the set's main page, by clicking on "Add to a class" on the upper right.

Add set from set page_2

Privacy settings

If you want your sets to be visible to members of your class only, select "Visible to: certain classes" as their privacy setting. You can do this when creating a set or editing it.


Please note: Your students must be members of your class to view content with this permission. If a student cannot see your set, make sure that they have been successfully added to the class.

And you're done!

Next, learn how to add students to your class.

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