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Making of the Quizlet Android App

Brought to you by Quizlet users like you

At Quizlet, we're driven by our users' wants and needs. We value your feedback and try to provide the best experience possible on Quizlet. It's been very clear to all of us that the lack of an Android app has been a missing piece of millions of Quizlet users' studying. There were 1.8 million Android visits to Quizlet last May and we only expect this number to grow.


Not only did we want to build an Android app, we knew that building one would have a massive impact on the education of students all over the US and the world.

This is the story of how we got here and where we're going with Android.

Androids, Assemble.

The first thing you need to build an Android app is an Android developer. Over the past few months, Quizlet added two full-time developers who had worked on Android in the past (Shane and Arun) and a sumer intern (Ankush) who'd built Android apps in the past (and is the go to authority on the most up to the minute Android gossip and/or random sales on the internet, or legal or financial advice etc).


At the beginning of the summer we kicked off our Android project with a goal of having something awesome ready for back to school. It was a long summer (with some particularly sleepless weeks towards the end) but we're happy that we got it out the door for the new school year and we're excited to keep improving the app in the coming months.

S, M, L, XL (and XXL)

Android comes in all sizes and shapes and we wanted to make sure we had everyone covered. From endlessly resizing images to making new features backwards compatible, this was no easy task.

And finally, when we'd fixed small screens we could fine, the XXHDPI screens came in (Galaxy S4) and the tablet sized screens needed different icons.


All the small touch (devices)

Offline support Most of the Quizlet team stay connected to data 24/7. That's pretty normal if you're running a website and need to be able to get access to the internet at any time. But we're also very aware of the fact that this is not at all normal for most people. Data plans are expensive (especially if you're a student). And so, we wanted to make sure that you could use as much of Quizlet offline as possible.

On web, you're always connected to the internet and so porting a feature to an offline app wasn't straightforward. We made some tough calls but we think we're solved the main use case: You should be able to get to most of your recent sets on Quizlet offline.

Audio too….

Better Learn Mode

Taking Names and Squashing Bugs (and Crashes)


Beta Tester Feedback


International Usage

Within only a few days users in 27 different countries were using the app.


This is only the beginning

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Happy Users

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