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e listening and fixing things now


All of these changes (and a few more) are now live. Thanks for all your feedback and best of luck with the end of the semester.

Listening to feedback

Reading all of your feedback over the weekend, we saw that we'd inadvertently created a lot of pain for our users when launching folders on Friday. We've identified some major feature improvements we can make this afternoon to help everyone who's using Quizlet to get through the end of the semester.

What we're fixing right now

  1. Restore the combine page
  2. Add set search on class pages
  3. Remove term previews from all pages
  4. Add timestamps to study sessions on profile pages

We'll be pushing updates through out the day and hope to start resolving some of these issues within the next hour. We really apologize for not realizing how vital some of these features were and how badly timed their disappearance was for all our users.

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