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Getting ready to release some big improvements...

December 5, 2013


  1. Extremist23 

    These improvements should be interesting(comment number 4).

  2. simmer Plus

    oh so exited!!! :D and 4th comment!!

  3. Cristina_Elissabetta 

    Can you explain these improvements in detail? 6th comment!:)

  4. esengul1ata 

    ja veelbeter

  5. Minion-Maniac-15 Plus

    Yeah seventh 2 comment those changes r cool r there going to be chat in classes now

  6. Rock270 

    Will these improvements make Quizlet faster? After you added all the features in the flashcards and set pages, I found Quizlet to be much slower.8th comment

  7. Rock270 

    Also, I would like to see the link to the classes a set is in directly under the set name in the set page again. I use that link a lot so it would be nice for it to be readily accessible.

  8. Figumari Plus

    It would be great if I could create folders for my own sets.

  9. bluedomke 

    12th comment! Hi five!
    Release them! Release them!

  10. artygirl 

    What I can see in the picture looks pretty good. Could you add the little check-box in learn mode that allows you to decide whether or not parentheses should count back? I found that very useful for many purposes. The new viewing of a set turned out really well, as did the new flash cards, so I hope this turns out to be just as good.

  11. simmer Plus

    Hey guys, check out my math class, Everything you learn there is 150% Math made easy. I may only be 13 years old but I gained confidence and brains in math, now I can solve tough problems all because I used these methods. Whether you do or don't think that this will help you, just try it, You have nothing to lose. All 4 U Math uses methods used by Math Pros from around the US and is geared toward struggling middle schoolers. And don't forget to try my other All 4 U classes, simply type in All 4 U and let the learning begin!

  12. bluedomke 

    Fav. website of all time. You guys make learning so much fun and exiting!
    What what. Release Release release release! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. geoadair 

    Yay! big improvement! when will it be released? awesome site.

  14. JJJJJD 

    Multiplayer???? :-) If not, oh well. But still the update is bound to be cool.

  15. ethanellispedersen 

    18th Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed the first one by 2 hours... :) You rock quizlet!!

  16. gman_awesome 


  17. McKenna_F 

    Yeh! Luv the improvements!

  18. McKenna_F 

    When they come out! ;-)

  19. White_Rice 

    @JJJJJD I like that idea. However, come on guys, let's not be counting comments.

  20. Jeremiah47 

    Well, that's good, but why are you posting about improvements with only a blurry picture to show?

  21. rosesc1 

    I'm really confused on what the improvements are, and why would you post a blurry picture?

  22. Nessa1300 

    Could you make it so you can choose to draw a picture for a flash card with the word? but make the drawing tools simple, and make them optional. It would make it a lot easier to put a picture of an atom or something on your flash card to go with the word, and if you can draw it yourself right on the flashcard, it would eliminate having to search for a picture on the internet and find one that would work well and is what you are looking for. It would also be helpful for items that need a simple diagram with them, or instead of a word. And it would make it really easy if your teacher wanted you to draw a picture to go with your flash cards. You could even make flashcards that have three sides instead of 2, and you would just print them out and fold them in thirds. it would make it so you could easily have a word with two meanings or a drawing to go with your word but you want it separate from the word and definition so you can choose how to study your words.
    Thanks! :)

  23. shadowkirby123 


  24. Sara_Sherman 

    What exactly are the big changes

  25. Mathfan789 

    When will these new changes occur?

  26. aparnasanjeev 


  27. andrewli321 

    30th comment!

    Cool! Judging from the screenshots, I think they'll be really different...

  28. minecrafter123456789 

    31st :(

  29. Raana 

    32nd best yet! Looking forward to the improvements

  30. forbiddenshadow 

    what are the improvements

  31. timotar 

    cool look forward to it and boo ya 33rd comment!!! first time being within 100. :P but i guess that why would u care! haha whatever

  32. forbiddenshadow 

    you are right, we don't care

  33. SpaceCast11 

    Okay I'm ready, now where are those improvements? >:(

  34. marcieharper 

    There is a glitch I encounter sometimes where I'll open up Quizlet and half the page will be cut off from the bottom. All I have to do is reload the page and it's fixed, but it happens often. P.S. Timotar, you're right, most of us don't care what place you got. Sorry.

  35. e_shan 

    extremely awesome! what r they?

  36. timotar 

    haha no its all good i put it in there to see how many people didnt car :P haha gotch-ya. not really

  37. Ericka123 


  38. homsmc4 


  39. marcieharper 

    Sometimes I dream of a site just like Quizlet, except it has a special feature where people can't spam the comment-section with tons of random letters and where people would actually comment about the upload instead of happily announcing that they got "506th" place. But then I wake up. So sad...

  40. carecore 


  41. Tnguyen679 

    Thanks for making these improvements on one really great website to begin with.(Why are people just going on quizlet and making dumb comments about their comment place like "37" or "38"......yeah you know who I am talking about)

  42. Tnguyen679 

    Seriously comments about the place needs to be delt with.

  43. Kaleigh-Lin 

    I wonder what the improvements well look like...

  44. Like_A_Wolanske 

    #50 like a boss

  45. Like_A_Wolanske 

    #new styles to get quizzed on your dreaded things

  46. penguins0124 

    52nd comment!
    This is my first time and get 52nd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. bigbro2009 

    HI Quizlet, thanks for all the great sets I have found posted by you guys. It really help's me study and learn :), I now have all A+'s. Also Quizlet Staff, THANKS for all of your help. You have created something I could not live without. Good Job, you have lived up to your reputation. I got to say, ever sense your last update I have enjoyed Quizlet even better, but now with this awesome new update coming out in the future, I have never scored better on test/quizzes EVER. Thanks for making amazing web site.

    Your friend, Bigbro2009.


    I got 100th highfive

  49. Learningninja 

    This is gonna be awesome! But I still hope they put in a new android update where you can create your sets.

  50. Girlteam 

    Maybe a Create Set option for the Android? That would be useful.

  51. s_callahan63 

    "Getting ready to release some big improvements..."
    Everyone Else: "OMG, Quizlet so awesome yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!'
    Me: Wonderful, when they gonna be released? What is the update for? How about fixing problems on mobile devices? How about bringing back multiplayer?

    Can't wait...

  52. s_callahan63 

    I'm probably about the 108th comment by now. Just a guess...

  53. aspappas17 Plus

    Good job guys

  54. sanjay_tatineni 

    110 yeah buddy

  55. sanjay_tatineni 

    high five

  56. JENfaerl 

    great job quizlet and bring them on! i got five 113! ha peeps!

  57. JENfaerl 

    i agree with s_callahan63 bring back multiplayer chat! it was so much better to have help with friends that way!

  58. evan_silverman 


  59. nicholussutton 

    Please make folders

  60. mymindstorm 


  61. PuffyTheParakeet 


  62. rishika1234 

    Totally awesome! Congrats for the great improvement. Everyone will love it. I sure do and I can communicate with my class.

  63. steelers43 

    69th and btw that is awesome

  64. cute_rex 

    70th! Highest I have ever been(this is my first time)!

  65. minecrafter123456789 

    type in my name in search and study my classes

  66. pl221281 


  67. Isaac_Rubalcava 

    74th comment.

  68. jonatriplet 

    75th comment! Like the 75th annual hunger games "catching fire"

  69. jonatriplet 

    Hope the updates are good like the last one! :)

  70. AlleyWay_SGCS 

    Oh No... Some big improvements... I hope that there is no problems w/ it.
    Also, there is some spam of "a"s, plz delete!

  71. bellini01 


  72. EZ-Bacon 

    Hoping it is good.

  73. 5pitty1 


  74. EnglishRose98 

    YAY! Is one of your improvements being able to have the terms switched and still get it right in Learn Mode? Thank you so much for allowing that! I just found it out when I did my Latin vocab a few minutes ago!

  75. towneranderson 

    So is a very good improvement but there should also be friends and discussion threads for that friend our sharing flash cards

  76. Joseph_Dong 

    Nice ter know, quizzy.

  77. camille_enes 

    what does hacer mean?

  78. E_studio 

    Search - improved?
    My wish, make it come true, please.

  79. Foxy3726 

    YES GOOD JOB GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (im number 84 highest ive ever been)

  80. dhorne2018 


  81. bigdaddyrick 

    all praise the lord

  82. TheDarkKnight_ Plus

    I hope these improvements are cool!

  83. bigdaddyrick 

    @live4gymnastics i have a blue waffle

  84. TheDarkKnight_ Plus

    92 now actually (I just counted)

  85. AgentDolly 

    93rd comment......Looks like you're making progress! ;)

  86. Luke_Chase 

    Post94 :( :mrgreen:
    ps : mrgreen : (no spaces) makes :mrgreen:

  87. Luke_Chase 


  88. MirkwoodMeag 

    Go Improvements! I wanna see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (oh and 245th high-five, and 96th comment)

  89. BraxtonPeleaz 


  90. VeganChef 

    Awesome...Simplest comment

  91. liam2012-2013 

    Thanks Quizlet!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  92. Miss_Independent_cat 

    OMG!!!!100!!!!!!!! LOVE QUIZLET

  93. amarkham09 

    Please do try to stop people wasting time and web space by this pointless counting. Some people here can't even count properly!!

  94. Justin_Bluesteen 

    Yeah!!!! When will it come out?

  95. kat_miller97 

    it's silly

  96. Steele_Smith 

    104 bebs :)

  97. AlaskaGames 

    I hope this makes quizlet better.

  98. PWOOhooyeah 

    im wondering what kind
    is it going to make it better or more complicated

  99. jsev915 

    making cards for android??????

  100. anishakasi 


  101. HKearby 

    I Like Trains

  102. HKearby 

    oh, and comment 110: I do not like planes

  103. Dancin4Evah 

    what updates? i'm suspicious. please don't change anything major.

  104. gretald 

    113th! I hope these are great improvements.

  105. Panda_Pants 

    Am i # 114?

    114 114 114 114 114 114

  106. Sliphen 

    Hoep they are great improvements, hope the convenience level of this website gets boosted

  107. hambleton 


  108. Raghavahgar 

    I didn't read what u said... i just randomly comment

  109. Meowstic Plus

    And this, deserved its high five. :P Anyways, we thank you Quizlet team for all of the hard work you do. Keep up the great work! (I can't wait for the new design!)

  110. gfaout 

    Please don't randomly comment

  111. campasmelly 

    I can't wait.

  112. juan308perez 

    so excited!!

  113. kennyr1998 

    1st comment

  114. chrisp2012 

    i win

  115. Miss_Independent_cat 

    how bout no.......................................................................

  116. Margolis18 

    nice! 125

  117. garrett_burke 

    #124. HAAAAAAAAA!

  118. garrett_burke 

    Sorry, #126 HAAAAAAAA!

  119. amalianc Staff

    @Joshua_TheBoss_Chong - please write into the feedback center about this issue - a screenshot would be helpful!

  120. hockeystar Plus

    we don't need new updates!!!! the latest one was complicated enough!!!

  121. Meowstic Plus

    The Quizlet staff is trying REALLY hard to make the site better, easier, and cooler. Please be mindful that they are working hard to provide a fun, easy studying site for people like us. Thank you. :)

  122. The_Mastermind 

    class leaders

  123. The_Mastermind 

    that would be good

  124. Sydney_Bratina 

    I dont really see THAT big of a difference than what it was before.

  125. pikachu168 


  126. Doceboy 


  127. saldaa 


  128. tjstol2000 

    it looks like awesomeness 140th comment

  129. Rachel_Russell 

    i think im 137th XD awesome!

  130. frogboy2013 

    shimmer I joined ur class

  131. allies4ever 

    I feel like some people just post comments to say "oh yeah I'm the nth comment" woo hoo yay for you. And Quizlet looking forward to the changes - all the ones you've made already have been very interesting.

  132. VXfifty 

    nice work Quizlet!

  133. DeadQuiz 


  134. rothenb4 

    The sound doesn't work anymore...are you fixing this issue?

  135. franlexa Plus

    Sounds Cool! you should be able to search google for pictures for flashcards.

  136. fitemeirln00b 

    Swiggity swool, sounds pretty cool.

  137. Moldy_Pies 

    Well then I guess you know not to say emails?.... @Lady_Nathalie

  138. Anemeh18 

    What are the improvements??
    seriously explain a little more
    and yes bring back multiplayer!!!

  139. crunchmaster1 


  140. cecipiecie 


  141. tucker1234567 


  142. tucker1234567 


  143. miley__cyrus 

    wow so kool omg like totes the best idea eva omg pls do this or else i will crai my eyes out omgggg

  144. Minecraftpicklearmy 


  145. bluebirdjk123 

    last =(

  146. Brokenstar00 

    😓am I last everywhere?

  147. Imawesome41 

    @bluebirdjk123 Not anymore!
    Hey this is awesome!!! Are u guys gonna release a IPhone improvement too? If so, please have it so u can edit your classes right from your phone. Thx!!!!

  148. Stephen_Rice 

    I love this Site It has Improved my grade in Biology i have it on my Phone and i do it in my free time wile i'm not Texting But any ways thank you for this site...Who ever is the maker..........Anand Sharma

  149. apocalypseShinobi 

    Either I've been gone a long time or they update this site a lot.

  150. SPSwolves Plus


  151. drone166 


  152. drone166 

    Mechs are cool.

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