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March 18, 2014


  1. Zaknaf1en 

    YES first comment

  2. Zaknaf1en 

    Hmmm i wonder how I should spend my last comment ... I better not waste it.

  3. Melissa_Blossoms Plus

    wow! thanks!I've been experiencing the bug a lot...thank you again!

  4. klpinegar 

    thank you so much i have been experiencing a bug while playing scatter, so i am glad that you will work on fixing it!

  5. anoushkaramkumar 


  6. missoned 

    im not a loner

  7. e_shan 

    7th. thanks a lot.

  8. Sola6174 


  9. Sola6174 

    sorry for da spellin

    Si Ki Hao

  10. JustAnOrdinaryNinja 

    11th comment



  12. ile_ana__ 


  13. ile_ana__ 

    i mean 16th

  14. Melony13 

    This is my first time on Quizlet and I already LOVE it!!! Thank you for making this site!!! ♥

  15. larisaepelman 

    i don't have a smartphone one thing and yes i like frozen the movie soo much and do you like sonic the headhog

  16. RCart12 

    woah 19th thats like my highest ever

  17. AaronTNeely 

    20 lucky number btw

  18. Sarita517 

    whooo! number 21.

  19. shadowkirby123 


  20. Botch_battlebears 


  21. Botch_battlebears 


  22. born4baseball 

    Thank you!

  23. Misiaodragon 

    Thanks! Quizlet R-O-C-K-S!!!! :-)

  24. Misiaodragon 

    Yay! Thanks!

  25. wolfbite5-chat 


  26. wolfbite5-chat2 

    WTH happened to my post :(

  27. wolfbite5-chat2 

    Say Wolf if you like quizlet

  28. AdrianIsKing Teacher

    Yay 28th comment

  29. KSLR 

    um... thats great... but we REALLY NEED CLASS FOLDERS!

    Also, how does someone get the teacher status? Because there is a teacher in my class...

  30. A_Pendergast 

    30th comment and 56th high five! any tips to make medicine taste better? im sick

  31. NinjaKirby 

    58th high five and 31st comment. Great Work Quizlet!

  32. ShadeDream 


  33. ShadeDream 

    Last comment....must use wisely.....QUIZLET ROCKS!!! THANKS AND BYE! Yay!!!! :-) ;-) =D

  34. hyphae 

    When will your Android app be updated with these features?

  35. Nepal_is_my_username 


  36. Surprises 

    Even though I don't use the phone app, thank you for the information!

  37. cubeytroll 

    I think 38… and can the original scatter be on the app?

  38. brestelj 

    39!!!! my highest yet and thx

  39. brestelj 

    you may only comment one more time
    well so much for that

  40. Kyle_V8 


  41. Minion-Maniac-15 Plus

    number 41
    #get swag and come back later join epicenderdragons

  42. Hans793 

    42th comment the comment of life and everything!

  43. MT_29 


  44. brionnamurphy 

    thanks QUIZlET .

  45. jaylin_bell 

    46 tuihabltlhbo;r

  46. xiongyu1988 Teacher

    Could you add Marked Star function for fresh cards in IOS app? That could be an appealing feature!

  47. gamer-catz 

    i haz da 50th comment!! aw yeah!! though i have multiple accounts, mustache-cats, luna-catz, so i luv cats. yup. :D

  48. jacksonwlester 

    Thank's for the update

  49. Julia_Carloyn 

    Yeah, i had to update 2 times!!!! :O

  50. Tillman_battlebears 


  51. bluedomke 

    Cool dood

  52. bluedomke 

    You may only comment one more time.

  53. tjstol2000 

    54th comment! Not too shabby :{D

  54. Zlatan_Imbrahimovic 

    55 and 169 sounds cool. BTW, I don't use the app because I prefer the website

  55. Zlatan_Imbrahimovic 

    Even on the iPad!

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