Quizlet in Education

"New Century students with their Chromebooks studying vocabulary on Quizlet. Total engagement for all." (@LeahBartram, Moore County Schools, Vass, NC.)

March 19, 2014


  1. Your_Fallen_Angel 


  2. Zaknaf1en 

    lol u guys are fast, just saw this

  3. Zaknaf1en 

    4 min ago, third comment and thx quizlet for making this website

  4. Your_Fallen_Angel 

    Lol, hermionegirl2, usually I'm, like, the 422 comment, I was totally shocked when I got first ^_^ congrats on 2nd!!

  5. deo469 

    yes! I got 6th comment! wahoo! :)

  6. Dom-A 

    I wish I had a Chromebook.

  7. bgdljgsdlfggshlkgsfl 

    omg lol hi

  8. Kdawggy111 

    Yeah i have a comment!! yippee first time ever!!

  9. Kdawggy111 

    12 and 13 comment =)

  10. Abdul-Aziz 


  11. EJsea 

    #14 yay

  12. JonahSterling 

    #15 lol and 21st high five

  13. lmay13 


  14. ile_ana__ 

    18th and I'm using a ChromeBook right now ugh...

  15. britthecosmetologist 

    teachers are on twitter in school? hmmmm haha. im on a crome boook right now-__-

  16. okdutchman-cheerma 

    22nd comment

  17. TheAlphaWolf33 

    lol wow quizlet is spreading to online =D

  18. Anton_Vitullo 

    23rd rolls eyes

  19. drone166 


  20. drone166 

    dang it.

  21. CelticDreamer 

    25th!!!! yeah!

  22. cmchaney1 

    not coool

  23. CelticDreamer 

    Better then before!!!

  24. cubeytroll 

    28 YA

  25. detroitdx 

    yeah woohoo 29

  26. bubblycake8958 


  27. rjoywebb 


  28. mattrobbe 

    how are there already 31 coments and its only been posted for like 3hrs? thats crazy #32

  29. rjoywebb 

    I see your point mattrobbe

  30. iiliyah123 

    looollllll i am newwww

  31. Carolineswimmergirl 

    Quizlet is awesome

  32. Carolineswimmergirl 

    Quizlet rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Oconnor2014 

    I'm 39!!!! luv quizlet!!!

  34. detroitdx 

    your39 but i am 40 woooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  35. Reagan24_LPA 

    our school uses apple laptops

  36. Surfkid 

    Who the heck deleted my comment? IT was perfectly approporiate. and i'll say it again MAC Rules! :P

  37. itsstaryo 

    our school uses 80's computers...

  38. SeanOates 

    45th Comment

  39. blakecostello_ 

    1st comment yea


    47th comment not bad

  41. RachelS-period9 

    no one knows who i am but... 48th comment oh YEAH!!!!!

  42. Benedict_Hollamby 

    It would be nice if our school would see the light and buy chromebooks

  43. ashtonnoel22 

    ashton likes

  44. ashtonnoel22 

    breaux bridge is out ya

  45. gocampers 

    Blacktornado rulesssssssssssssssssssssss

  46. Our_Gods_not_dead 

    well, I'm late

  47. TheGamer1337 

    Havent been on Quizlet a lot
    You guys comment fast ._.

  48. pianogirl01 

    That's my best yet! :)

  49. jazhang15 

    yeah, I got 50 something

  50. allies4ever 

    I'm sure the kids are doing more than Quizlet on those things...

  51. allies4ever 

    And you guys need to stop commenting just to state what comment you got. First/second comment I get, but 47th comment?! Really?! "WHOO HOO, I GOT THE 59TH COMMENT!!!! I DESERVE A MEDAL!!!"

  52. minecrafting12 

    yea i'm number 60 my best yet

  53. brestelj 


  54. brestelj 

    we r gettin chromebooks
    should i waste my last comment?

  55. TreyB3 

    6⃣4⃣th oh yea πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΊπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ‘±πŸ‘±πŸ‘±πŸ‘±πŸ‘±

  56. Wil_battlebears 

    81th Hi Five!!

  57. JoelovesLEGOS 

    I am so amazingly awesome that if I was more awesome the world would blow up

  58. sweet_studyer95 

    oh wow 8 hour ago im late any way how do you change username? nah I wouldn't call you awesome at ALL. joelovesLEGOS

  59. Theguyinthetriangle 

    PewDiePie and AlChestBreach

  60. Melissa_Blossoms Plus

    You might not reply to this, (I know! You're busy!) But how do we use the profile pic into a gif pic?

  61. sweet_studyer95 

    what does that even mean. alright someone from comments tell me how to change username I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at all seriously help me.
    I just wanna say thanks but your not helping me CHANGE DA USERNAME quizlet lol

  62. vidyab10 

    Hi five

  63. Thankful_for_God 


  64. minecraftdood 

    Please, Quizlet team, come to Paul Breaux Middle School in Mrs. Gutsmiedl's 7th grade gifted in Lafayette, Louisiana! My class would love it so much!!

  65. DirectionerBritUSA7 

    @isabellesspp It's simple; follow these steps
    1. go to your settings
    2. scroll down
    3. you'll see "change your username" (it is beneath "change your password")
    4. fill it out

    TIP: you can only change your username ONLY ONCE!!!



  67. Cwaka 


  68. Cwaka 

    Last comment sooo.... HELLO!!!

  69. Nepal_is_my_username 


  70. Nepal_is_my_username 

    that's a lot!!!!

  71. Melissa_Blossoms Plus

    Here's the link on how you can change the password :)

  72. gamer-catz 

    dang. last comment…i should use it wisely…

  73. mitz333 

    whats cool RMZACHMANN

  74. Bre_Hep 

    All these comments, stating what number you are is ridiculous! But anyways good job! And any one know a good chat thread? :/

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