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Introducing Create Set for Android

June 14, 2014


We’re excited to announce that create set for Android is finally here!  Now all Quizlet Android users can create new sets and edit existing sets anywhere. Building a strong foundation to save and sync your data on mobile was a team effort and a lot of work along with building an interface that is easy to use –  so thanks for your patience!

Create a new study set on Android

Click on the plus icon to get started creating a new set.


Editing sets

Edit sets you’ve already created by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your sets. If you don't have editing permission, you won't see the pencil icon.


Available offline too!

Create study sets online or offline. If you create sets offline, we will sync them to the website once you come back online.

Autosaved drafts

Even if you don't hit save, we keep all your work saved as a draft that you can access from the top of your latest activity feed.



Give us feedback

We want to hear from you! If you run into any bugs or have suggestions, please let us know.


  1. spyintothisclass 


  2. spyintothisclass 

    and fourth high-five! Yeaah! you are doing a great job Quizlet!

  3. John0218 

    wheeee secondd :P

  4. Sir_Nugz 

    3rd!! 5th high 5!!!! Nice Job Quizlet

  5. Sir_Nugz 

    Quizlet is the best thing to study from! :D

  6. pup424 

    5th comment and 7th hi-5

  7. pup424 

    6th actually

  8. LoveTacosForever 

    8th hi-five and 5th person to comment!

  9. Zora88 

    stop talking about how you got the first comment and high five, and actually congratulate quizlet on their accomplishments
    Great job Quizlet! Now I can make sets on my android :)

  10. cmendonc2 

    @Zora88, Its part of Quizlet culture. (11th btw) This is going to be a very useful feature!

  11. pianosauras 

    Cool! Although I don't have an Android, this will be a helpful tool for those who do! Don't stop improving Quizlet!

    (12th btw and 16th hi-five)

  12. pianosauras 

    @Zora88, I agree with you it kinda pisses me off too

  13. NinjaKirby 

    15th! High Five isnt working, and i would be 17th

  14. NinjaKirby 

    Welp, high five worked wow, just as i commented! GREAT JOB QUIZLET, THANKS FOR IMPROVING! Even though i dont have an android


    Thank you for making it much easier!

  16. Juliana_Yang 


  17. dragondeath 

    thx guys, for making my life easy

  18. albertlai431 

    23 high five! 18 comment! Quizlets now even more awesome!

  19. rosiethecat101 Plus

    Yay! I have an Android phone...this makes everything SO much easier! :)

  20. GeographyGeek 

    14th person to comment
    19th comment

  21. GeographyGeek 

    Also, Quizlet: you should make a section in people's profile where you can explain a little about yourself, and how you use Quizlet.

  22. owlgirl127 

    wow! finally! Great job Quizlet!!!!:)
    (p.s. couldn't resist... 15th person, 21st comment)

  23. DirectionerBritUSA7 


  24. TNT-585-BBXSNIPER 

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  25. pikachu168 

    Nooo I missed the news. Didn't get first T_T

  26. Ezekteo 

    Yay finally!

  27. LinoYang 

    So Early

  28. aeropostaleguy 

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nasawasp 


  30. Aditi_Mahabal 

    woo! 25th comment!
    And cool! Cause I have an android device!

  31. Aditi_Mahabal 


  32. Energizer_Bunny612 

    26 th and what is a high five

  33. Energizer_Bunny612 

    I love quizlet

  34. Maia_R 

    I am super glad that we know have the ability to create sets on the app! However, can the option to delete drafts be made available please? I have about 10 that I don't recall making that popped up after the update! Thank you!

  35. cric_bang101 


  36. Firest0rm Teacher

    29th comment GREAT JOB QUIZLET!
    68th Hi five

  37. Firest0rm Teacher


  38. slimmiles 

    31th comment!!

  39. amalianc Staff

    @Maia_R - Thanks for letting us know about this - can you write into our feedback center at about this issue?

  40. LiveInTheMoment_LWWY 

    33rd <3
    Hearts guys, hearts

  41. we-have-to-cook 

    i dont have a android but woo hoo i guess?

  42. aeropostaleguy 

    The app is awesome although I had an issue when I couldn't update it and I had to download it all over again and it was stressful. But otherwise Thanks so much!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  43. saraceni 


  44. kitten143 

    I don't have an Android, but cool! :)

  45. homeschool2cool 

    Second to Last

  46. amalianc Staff

    @aeropostaleguy - Can you tell us more about this issue, by writing in to Thanks!

  47. YuriKamanosuke 


  48. StudyGirl77 

    that's nice, although i dont have android... but great!

  49. StudyGirl77 

    oh, when studying, i love the blue tabs that say your score and stuff, but i would like it even better if it could be a different color after you have studied it.

  50. David_Berdik 

    Just a note, something's wrong with Quizlet. I keep getting the following message:

    Error :(
    We're really really sorry, Quizlet has had a bad fatal error. We've been alerted about it and will fix it ASAP.

  51. PerfectStar 

    i agree with studygirl77. to me, it would keep track of what categories you have studied and what u havent. that would be great!!! thx quizlet team

  52. kennethtan1345a 


  53. geoadair 


  54. mushroom_guy 

    hi-5 quizlet!

  55. Rachel_Russell 


  56. Rachel_Russell 

    101st HIGH 5!

  57. JonahSterling 

    102st HIGH 5

  58. deflox 

    106st HIGH 5 :D

  59. bohlooli 

    Please make an application for windows phone too
    and also windows 8

  60. Elsa123456789 


  61. Elsa123456789 

    105th high-five

  62. janmyk_r 

    Problem is you can't import csv using your mobile. Is there a way to import using this app?

  63. a2montero Teacher

    The true test was when I asked my son to check out my classes. He lives with that iphone attached to his arm. He thought the "games" were cool! He actually called my lessons games. Yeah Baby!!!

  64. fatcampsurvivor 

    So guys, what do you prefer? Androids or iphones? I prefer computers from the 90s!

  65. Katie_WillYouMarryMe 

    IM A 90S KID!!!!!

  66. katiesmithversion2 

    only 90's kids will remember this!!!!!!!

  67. trevor_brolan 

    8 grande puntos #707 #norcal

  68. burnttoast00 

    Yeah man 8 big ones #welovevocab

  69. ChloeTrebilcock 

    iphones are better #highfive

  70. marines531 


  71. marines531 


  72. Ciana_Caruso 


    can we do this for ipad

  73. Ciana_Caruso 

    nvm lol xD

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