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Ryan Gordon is joining Quizlet

June 29, 2012

We're pleased to announce that Ryan Gordon has joined the Quizlet team as a Software Engineer.

Ryan will be focusing on Quizlet's backend and infrastructure, making sure the site stays fast and secure for our millions of users. He spent 5 years on the MyBB team where he led development for over 2 years. He is a rising junior at San Jose State University.


  1. Shoji_M 

    Welcome to Quizlet!!

  2. hirschykiss 

    Hey Ryan hope you will help make Quizlet better!!

  3. MonyPezz 


  4. RyleHS 

    Welcome to the team. You chose a good job!

  5. Rujan 


  6. ecofencer 


  7. Dav1237 

    Welcome! :)

  8. Sniivy45 

    Welcome!!! So glad to have another addition to the team!

  9. poodlehead 

    bienvenue monsieur ryan! est-ce que tu peux parler francais? bon chance!

  10. peaceforever101 

    quizlet is the place for kids to speak in a language to one another without the weirdness of other who dont have a clue.

  11. cecipiecie 

    Who is this guy? and why wasn't i posted here? unfair...

  12. gdile53003 

    Great Job

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