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The Android app is here!

August 20, 2013


It's been a long wait but we're thrilled to announce that the Quizlet Android app is finally here.

Flashcards familiarize you with new vocabulary (with fullscreen images and audio). Learn mode tests what you know and don't know. Match makes studying into a fun and competitive game. Additionally, you can sync your phone with your Quizlet account and take your sets anywhere (even offline with access to audio).

Get the Quizlet Android App

Download it from the Google Play Store now and let us know what you think. If you find any bugs, we want to know. The app will work on any Android phone or tablet running 2.2 or higher.


We're planning new features for the app already but we also want to hear your suggestions! Drop us a line in feedback if you think there's something that we missed or must have.

Thanks to the Quizlet Android Community

Thanks to the thousands of Quizlet users who wrote in demanding an Android app. Special thanks to the hundreds of beta-testers who volunteered their time over the summer to help us out.

And most of all, thanks to Shane, Ankush, and Arun (the Android dev team at Quizlet) for building an awesome app (and on time for the school year).

Welcome Back to School

We hope the app will make this school year even better :) As always, please let us know if we can improve your studying experience on Quizlet (on web, Android or even iOS). Good luck this Fall!



  1. msweeney1 

    First Comment!

  2. vce 

    Works really well, but for the long flash cards only "..." shows up.

  3. ChenShiMing 

    Awesome job Quizlet, you guys are going quite far on your mobile apps! It's so helpful having the apps!

  4. ChenShiMing 

    Hey Quizlet, can we get a button on the learn mode to restart please?

  5. sophiabk Staff

    @vce, you should be able to fullscrren by pressing on the text that has the ... and you'll see the whole thing. @ChenShiMing press options and then there's a start over button.

  6. vce 

    @sophiabk It doesn't work on my device using the latest version, but I could expand them in the beta version :). Could be a bug.

  7. msweeney1 

    By the way if you are learning a language like German, how do you access the non English symbols in learn mode with the app?

  8. sophiabk Staff

    @msweeney1 hold down the letter you'd like to add an accent on (for example, if you want to add an umlaut to u long press u) and you'll see the options to add an accent to that letter.

  9. MsLizLee 

    can't find it!!
    the title is just "Quizlet"?

  10. ToshiroHitsugaya 

    Great now I can see quizlet on an android!

  11. MsLizLee 

    found it!! It's nice. Thank you! Quizlet team.

  12. Amritbani 

    was waiting for this app from a long time! thanks quizlet!

  13. CyrilBiselx 


  14. jph11093 


  15. mulan9388 

    thanks so much it's really useful

  16. marros 

    Oh, no! You've made the Learn mode vertical-only :( That's so uncomfortable!
    And highlights hasn't been fixed - there are still asterisks visible instead of bold letters.

  17. susan7241 Teacher


  18. hams7er 

    man, ive been looking forward to this moment for months!!! finally!!!!!! :D :D :D

  19. rebcec 

    Can you use this app on a tablet as well?

  20. Shayne_Wong 

    damn , how to use it

  21. Tardo Plus

    Looks great! My only suggestion (for the app and website) for Learn Mode would be too allow just the first line of the answer to be entered, since its a pain to enter multiline answers (or even possible?). This would enable me to organize my cards with the first line as an (easy to enter) acronym, for instance a (made up) card could be:
    When is bacterial resistance futile?
    -Breathing difficulty
    -Retroperitoneal pain
    -GI obstruction

    This allows you to power through a 100 cards in a few minutes in Learn Mode, yet be able to quickly verify that you still know what the acronym stands for. Yeah, I know I could just turn off keyboard entry or use the Cards Mode, but I wouldn't get the added benefit of task memory by typing them in. I thought about using the override mode for the cards I got correct, but I don't want to do a copy of the entire multiline answer for the cards I got wrong. I'd rather just enter "BORG". Thanks.

  22. YunalescaBliss 

    Finally! Thank you so much!

  23. kbog2829 

    Thank you very much for all the hard work. It's been an absolute pleasure testing the app during its beta phases. Looking forward to putting the app into use, especially with my classes resuming once again next month. I'll do my best to spread the word about how amazing Quizlet is!

  24. Acilim Teacher

    Thank you.

  25. Nataniah_ 


  26. quinita_whitfield 

    I'm pretty excited. I have been looking for a good notecard app but didn't like having to import the sets from quizlet to a company I knew nothing about. Thanks so much, this is going to make my last quarter of undergrad so much easier

  27. nittyana2 

    what yallmean

  28. Djdusten 

    i love quizlet

  29. Aidoboy 


  30. Aidoboy 

    You could also use a German keyboard
    Settings > Language & Input > Keyboard & Input Methods > Google Keyboard > [settings logo] > Inut Languages> Uncheck "Use System Language" > Check both English and German.
    If you don't have it get Google keyboard here, it's awesome:
    It comes default on Nexus devices, but it may not on yours.

  31. fhaque1 

    This is great! Thanks Quizlet

  32. sazhassan 

    Thanks! I am soo happy its on Android now that I started AP Euro!

  33. Taylor_Burns0618 

    My ipad app is going crazy! I logged in and now I have multiple (x7) of every class I have?!!! I also can't study anything before it crashes! PLEASE HELP?

  34. hambleton 

    Just a suggestion: Could you please find a way to do italics? PLEASE!!

  35. hambleton 

    Awesome btw about the Android app! :D

  36. qstaley921 

    I think you just killed Apple because I use to consider the Quizlet app as the iPhone's only advantage over Android.

  37. tdomhan 

    great app! better than anything else available for Android!

  38. rika_257 

    OMG I'm so excited to try it, thanks guys :)

  39. parkplace1 

    YES SO Excited

  40. johnny_lopez23 


  41. KassieCpRocker 

    What is the name of the ap? Can't find it!!!

  42. ToshiroHitsugaya 


  43. lakhbirs 

    oh man its to bad i could not find one for the Microsoft store.

  44. kkkelsey 

    nice. I have a kindle fire :)

  45. spring18ticket 

    hmmmm....... I have 36 terms in one of my set, but you divided up into 7(or 8) terms x 5 rounds? Is this only me? I want to have whole 36 terms to appear in one round. Is there a option that I'm missing?

    Besides that, 1,000 thanks! Love you guys :)b

  46. Robbinette 

    I wish there was a way I could download Quizlet to my laptop. That way I could still work on my sets even when I don't have an internet connect. I can type way faster on my laptop than my cell phone :)

  47. kmdwoods 

    this is awsome

  48. nava500 

    thank you for the android app now i can study my vocabulary more easily on my mobile

  49. gareth_williams 

    Noticed a bug where the minus subscript (from the maths/symbols dictionary) isn't displaying properly in the android app. (this is nothing to do with my recent request to expand the subscript/superscript dictionaries to help physics students but seems to be a bug as opposed to some extra functionality that I think would make life easier for a large proportion of quizlet users) :-)

  50. Raja_Ling 

    The matching learning mode has issue with longer words and phrases. Those past a certain length are truncated as a series of dots(...), this is would all be well and good if, as with the flashcard mode, one could tap on the square and see the whole phrase. Is there a setting or function that I am missing that does this?

  51. zhanglo 


  52. kkkelsey 

    Nataniah, why did ya leave PCA Spanish?

  53. svhschinese 

    It appears that this app cannot be moved to the SD card, and my phone has very little internal memory, so I couldn't keep it. Can that be changed?

  54. SoltanSadat 

    Yes, thanks, now I can learn when i traval

  55. Victoria_Reid 

    Awesome! Can Kindle users expect to see it in the amazon store any time soon?

  56. Mewsin 

    Thank you!! Perfect timing for this difficult semester coming up.

  57. Combine Plus

    YESSSS. Thank you wonderful developers at Quizlet!

  58. alukast 

    Now I can throw away my Ipod that I only used for quizlet!!

  59. M1039213 

    Well done quizlet!!!

  60. albertodomingos 

    i love quizlet

  61. habibeh 

    hi, i am from Iran and i can not download from Google play but i like to have this app :-(

  62. MR_Bojangles 

    64th comment

  63. darkdragon46 

    What about a Windows 8 mobile app? Now you have Apple and Android, right? So start working on Windows! :D

  64. MileyC 

    My comment...deleted,,,? What has happened?

  65. nina-day Plus

    Whooooo!!!!!!!!! Just in time for school :DDDDD. So excited...You guys rocks!

  66. lorivocab2 

    Is this available for kindle fire? I can't find it on the app store.

  67. lolimlivinlikelarry 

    woo go quizlet

  68. jklich 

    Can't tell you how much I appreciate Quizlet for Android - thank you!

  69. saerox 


  70. saerox 


  71. rachiegrace221 

    Please add the create set option and the option to study only starred cards. Other than this, it is great!

  72. rjschehr Plus

    I second Victoria_Reid, will this be in the amazon app store soon? My kindle is itching to help me learn.

  73. Wildcat715 

    awesome can't wait to try it. . .

  74. Disgruntled_Walrus 

    Finally! It's here... I've been using Android for a while an i was getting jealous of the many people in my class using the iOS app. As soon as I saw the article, I downloaded the app. Seems good.

  75. edinlocker 

    Outstanding! Question though: I use this as a teacher, logged into my account, have all my lists available, loved the talking flashcard feature, but don't know how to tell my students how to access the specific lists that will help them. How do I teach this?

  76. dcmcdonough Plus

    It's PERFECT, I love it! Keep up the great work guys! (:

  77. MYFURY58 

    How do you log off the app?

  78. Burhanhoca 

    Words fail to express how grateful we are.

  79. BarrelCactus 

    make the ios app look like that

  80. BarrelCactus 

    make the ios app look like that

  81. stewart_sammy_2 

    Thanks for making this app guys. It is nice to be able to study my science vocab. anywhere on my phone.

  82. computers2011 

    OMG. THANK YOU >..>>. FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. computers2011 

    I feel like crying, been waiting for this app for the longest!

  84. joyattheabbeys 

    How do you log out and sign in as a different user?

  85. Carley_and_Audrey 


  86. jpjja 

    looks cool

  87. JHSVHS2017 

    Comment #89. Lowest I've ever been.

  88. brashawnr 

    that is cool

  89. bluedomke 


  90. childofthesea 

    My app isn't working. The sets I made on the website didn't show up on the app. Also, my picture thing didn't change either. How can I fix this?

  91. childofthesea 

    P.S. I have a Kindle Fire

  92. trembleclef 

    Hi, I really love this app! I was wondering if there was any way to use it specifically on a computer, though. I really love the ability to not have to type in mobile mode.

  93. andnjox 

    I love the android app! its beautiful and works great.

  94. basquebeauty69 

    I am Watermelondrea Fruitopia Jones hmu.

  95. harryberner 

    This works great on my phone, but I wish that there was a Windows 8 quizlet app that I could use on my Surface.

  96. sophul 

    My android device is really small and so whenever I try the flashcards or matching the font is really big and so I cant read anything by glancing at it or play the matching game properly...

  97. Osh1ka 

    Can you guys please make a windows phone app?

  98. sou123 

    Ya, When will the windows phone app come around? You guys should make an app for us too

  99. danielstewart 

    Quizlet is Fantastic. love the offline feature. USE it all the time.

  100. soarecan1 

    How do I can to work off lin

  101. choleconyard1 


  102. amalianc Staff

    @Tianna_Twyman4 - Try logging out of the app and back in. If this is still a problem, please write into our feedback center about it:

  103. bluedomke 

    This is my first time commenting under amalianc.
    This is my first time commenting under a STAFF.

  104. SaraHernandez07 

    Hey!! Thanks SO much for the app. Very useful! But particularly on my phone it gets slow and delays a lot specifically when I search for different sets. Honestly, I uninstalled it. It made my phone slow. It would rock if you made it someway faster :)

  105. SaraHernandez07 

    Its a Sansung Galaxy Y - GT (with some other weird numbers)

  106. Renaldi 


  107. bohlooli 

    what about Windows phone and Windows 8? Please make apps for them

  108. Caligator_V 

    This is awesome. I am so proud of quizlet for helping me get first honors and all A+'s on all my report cards since 2nd grade. #Doeseverybodygetaplusesoramijustspectacularlyawesome! Hags

  109. frqnt 

    Any way to star someone else's sets for future reference? Seems like that would be super useful.

  110. aeropostaleguy 

    Thanks you guys rock! But when are you guys gonna add the create set part on the android app?

  111. amtentori 

    How do you use the offline mode??? I can't seem to figure it out.
    Sometimes I can access sets offline, but sometimes it says it couldn't load data because of no connection. Any way to permanently download all my data?

  112. amalianc Staff

    @amtentori - offline, you will be able to access all the sets that you have recently studied while online. You can't manually download all of your data, though you could make sure to study a set you need online before losing connection.

  113. mesarahme 

    oh shucks, my android just broke. :'(

  114. ajsk 

    Please add the option to study only starred cards in the Android App.

  115. EKakou 

    in Learn mode, after pressing the "don't know" button, I have to copy the right answer, but it never validates my answer and so I can't continue to learn. Is it just me ? Is it because my answer is on 2 lines ? I'm using a Sony Xperia.

  116. EKakou 

    And, yes, the option to study only starred cards is much needed.

  117. amalianc Staff

    @Ekakou -- can you write into our feedback center about this issue? Thanks!

  118. tammy_aaron 

    Too hard to download apps

  119. ropevariation 

    I would pay money for the app if I could star words in the app and then choose to only study starred words. Just like in the web site version.

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