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  1. consummate
  2. vivir
  3. compromise
  4. equipoise
  5. concourse
  1. a equality; balance;equilibrium
  2. b a coming together of people`
  3. c to live
  4. d complete or perfect in the highest degree; to bring to a state of completion or perfection
  5. e settle by concession

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  1. act of two things flowing together
  2. Extremely Hungary
  3. a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers)
  4. Pertaining to conversational or common speech
  5. decadent

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  1. defraypay cost of


  2. inexplicableincapable of being explained or accounted for


  3. despondentwithout or almost without hope


  4. propitiateWasteful; reckless with money


  5. coterieintimate group of persons with similar purpose


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