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  1. lacunae
  2. induce
  3. imbue
  4. amino acids
  5. Renin
  1. a as the syncytiotrophoblast invades the endometrium, fluid-filled holes called _____ develop within the syncytium 8-9 days after fertilization
  2. b Kidney
  3. c to fill, as with a strong dye or a strong feeling
  4. d (verb) cause to happen; bring about
  5. e insulin stimulates active transport of _____ (not glucose) into skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, adipocytes, and fibroblasts

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  1. (adj) known to, or understood by, a limited group of people
  2. (adj) sneaky; secretive
  3. waste away; wither
  4. secluded or isolated from the outside world; also, a place of seclusion
  5. (adj) unoriginal; trite

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  1. alveolar sacchoosing from many different sources; carefully selective


  2. axons, dendritesT3 is required for the proper growth of ___ and ____ and for the proper myelination of neurons.


  3. adrenal glands, liverthe placenta lacks 16alpha-hydroxylase which is needed to make estriol, and this is supplied by what 2 fetal organs


  4. ion channel-linked, G protein-linked, enzyme-linkedName the three general kinds of cell-surface receptors.


  5. fledglingthe placenta produces placental variants of all known ______ hormones


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