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  1. T3
  2. malleable
  3. garbled
  4. ambiguous
  5. extol
  1. a unclear; vague; having several possible interpretation
  2. b able to be reshpaed by force; pliable; impressionable
  3. c (adj) changed so much that the original meaning has been distorted; scrambled
  4. d ___ causes increased metabolism by increasing transcription of oxidative phosphorylation genes, activation of the Na+/K+ pump, and increased turnover of cellular constituents
  5. e (verb) praise

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  1. 17B-HSD converts estradiol to ___ (weaker form, thanks to progesterone)
  2. parathyroid
  3. (adj) tending to avoid giving direct answers
  4. (adj) known to, or understood by, a limited group of people
  5. persistence; hard-working; dilligent; attentive to detail

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  1. euphemisma word or phrase that's used to make an unpleasant idea sound better


  2. vitamin DA vitamin that is not a vitamin but a hormone


  3. criteria (noun)requirements or standards used to make a decision


  4. 1-2number of primary oocytes at birth: ___ million


  5. insulinA polypeptide hormone secreted by the beta cells of the pancreatic islets of Langerhans


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