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  1. infer
  2. Expiration
  3. secondary
  4. doleful
  5. meticulous
  1. a (verb) to figure out, based on given information; conclude; deduce
  2. b (adj) extremely sad
  3. c a passive process that takes advantage of the recoil properties of elastic fibers. Air is forced out of the lungs when the thoracic pressure rises above atmospheric pressure. The diaphragm and expiratory muscles relax.
  4. d extremely careful about details
  5. e follicles characterized by multiple layers of granulosa cells and stroma-derived theca cells surrounding the basement membrane

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  1. the type of diabetes characterized by a lack of endogenous insulin production
  2. to put someone onto a pedestal; to trea with great respect
  3. plays a critical role in preventing abnormal consciousness transitions, particularly into REM sleep; may stimulate hunger
  4. in early and prolonged fasting, blood levels of glucocorticoids inc/dec?
  5. attack with words or force

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  1. levitylightness; playfulness; jocularity


  2. tertiary, graafianinsulin is synthesized as _____


  3. embellishfertilization, if it occurs, takes place in the ____ portion of the fallopian tube


  4. genialpraise


  5. obsoleteno longer usable; outdated


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