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  1. Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  2. cardiac output
  3. infallible
  4. P-450 aromatase
  5. rib cage
  1. a incapable of making a mistake
  2. b the relatively high ____ per unit body weight of the fetus ensures adequate fetal oxygenation
  3. c
  4. d WOMEN: initiates growth of ovarian follicles each month and stimulates ovulation; MEN: stimulates sperm production
  5. e ____ produced within the sertoli cell converts testosterone from Leydig cells into estradiol

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  1. what does the larynx contain?
  2. to say evil or harmful things about someone; defame; vilify
  3. unintentional
  4. harmful; menacing
  5. the biological activity of TSH is in which subunit?

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  1. estradiol 3-sulfatesulfotransferase conjugates estrogens with sulfate to produce derivatives such as ____ to make it weaker


  2. trachealabored, gasping breathing; shortness of breath


  3. PTHthe ____ gene on the short arm of the Y chromosomes is the key determinant for testicular differentiation


  4. parietal pleura, intrapleural space, and visceral pleurathe trophoblast will develop into a variety of supporting structures including the ______ , ____, and fetal portion of the ______


  5. 12-15 hours(adj) causing lateness; stalling


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