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  1. spongy bone
  2. Hepcidin
  3. Glucagon
  4. Lesser trochanter
  5. epiphyseal line
  1. a inhibits iron uptake, prevent release of iron
  2. b
  3. c
    Name this specific part of the femur.
  4. d
  5. e The antagonist of insulin. Its release is stimulated by low blood glucose levels. It stimulates the liver, its primary target organ, to break down its glycogen stores to glucose and subsequently to release glucose to the blood.

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  1. Name this specific part of the lumbar vertebrae.

  2. Name this bone.

  3. Name this bony landmark.

  4. Name this specific part of the femur.

  5. Name this bone.

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  1. HEAD


  2. Optic foramen
    Name this foramen.


  3. Anterior superior iliac spine
    Name this part of the fetal skull.


  4. Scaphoid
    Name this specific bone of the foot.


  5. NECK


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