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  1. Whenever another image is copied or moved into a file, Photoshop automatically creates:

    A selection
    An update
    A new layer
    A new file
  2. If the filter you are using has a factor of 4 you should increase exposure by:

    1 stop
    2 stops
    0 stops
    4 stops
  3. Swiss photographer who documented the peculiarities of American society in the 50's
  4. The entire cover of the developing tank may be removed:

    immediately after the stop bath has been added to the tank
    after pouring the developer into the tank
    when fixing is complete
    until the film is dry
  5. Digital Cameras set a white balance of ______ for daylight; film for use in daylight is balanced for 5500K

  1. a 5200K
  2. b Robert frank
  3. c 2 stops
    pg. 88
  4. d A new layer
  5. e when fixing is complete

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  1. tilting the back of the camera
    pg. 295
  2. A view camera
    pg. 32
  3. the shutter speed
    pg. 57
  4. half / twice
  5. High Dynamic Range

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  1. Stopping a lens down from f/8 to f/16 represents a X stop differenceTwo (f/8 > f/11 > f/16)


  2. Increase in development time will______A mathematical translator assigned to each piece of equipment you use (they map one gamut to another; and the ICC (or International Color Consortium) profile is usually shipped by the equipment manufacturer).


  3. If you're working with an automatic camera and you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed, what mode are you working in?Aperture-priority


  4. When the additive primaries are mixed together equally, what is created?stopped down


  5. light intensity and exposure time are reciprocal; an increase in one will be balanced by an equal decrease in the other.19. Photographic reciprocity


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