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  1. attached to the front of a lamp housing and uses an array of tiny tubes to narrow it beam
  2. What is the best tape to use for hinge mounting a print?
  3. A film that grows dark after time is likely to result from:

    insufficient reducing agents in the fixer
    using exhausted fix
    too much time in the fixer
    hydroquinone in the fixer
  4. Which of the following is the method typically used to remove a small dark blemish on a print by scraping it off with a blade? Etching
  5. The technical quality of a digital image is determined by the _____ and the _____.

    Posterization and plug-ins
    time / temperature
    Monitor / histogram
    number of pixels/ number of possible values each pixel can hold.
  1. a Grid
  2. b using exhausted fix.
    pg. 107
  3. c Archival gummed or Tyvek Tape
  4. d number of pixels/ number of possible values each pixel can hold
  5. e Etching

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  1. Shutter-priority
  2. longer
  3. calotype
  4. the shutter speed
    pg. 57
  5. bluish

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  1. What is the lightest possible zone?Zone X


  2. The current term to describe a sensor or film's sensitivity to light is _____.



  3. A ___ does not change its sensitivityphotosite


  4. What is a skylight filter?The distance between the lens rear nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is focused at infinity.


  5. One of the first photographers to use the medium as a catalyst for social change was:

    Matthew Brady
    William Henry fox Talbot
    Jacob Riis


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