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  1. Obliterate
  2. Antediluvian
  3. Ironic
  4. Mundane
  5. Compile
  1. a Antiquated; extremely old
  2. b Destroy completely
  3. c Assemble; gather; accumulate
  4. d Worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; concerned with the commonplace
  5. e Resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome

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  1. Motionless; stale, dull
  2. A quack; pretender to knowledge
  3. Sameness; monotony
  4. Ancient; out of date
  5. Charm; mislead or delude

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  1. AggregateTotal


  2. QuagmireSoft wet boggy land; complex of dangerous situations from which it is difficult to free oneself


  3. AffirmationAssertion; confirmation


  4. BraggartBoaster


  5. InnovationChange; Introducing of something new


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