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  1. ml
  2. Mantoux PPD skin test
  3. Bronch
  4. ARDS
  5. spirometry
  1. a Acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  2. b a more accurate skin test for diagnosing tuberculosis
  3. c Bronchoscopy.
  4. d Testing method that utilizes a spirometer to record the volume of air inhaled or exhaled and the length of tiem each breath takes.
  5. e milliliter

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  1. Absence of spontaneous respiration.
  2. lying on back with legs raised and feet in stirrups
  3. minim
  4. an accumulation of pus or infected fluid in the pleural cavity
  5. Carbon dioxide.

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  1. croupUrinary Output


  2. VaVolume of Total Alveolar Space/min


  3. tracheostomythe surgical creation of an opening into the trachea and insertion of a tube to facilitate the passage of air or the removal of secretions


  4. pharyngitisthe sudden spasmodic closure of the larynx


  5. t.i.d.Temperature, Pulse, & Respirations


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