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  1. V
  2. pneumonia
  3. empyema
  4. IBW
  5. ventilator
  1. a a mechanical device for artificial ventilation of the lungs that is used to replace or supplement the patient's natural breathing function
  2. b an accumulation of pus or infected fluid in the pleural cavity
  3. c Gas Volume
  4. d a serious infection or inflammation of the lungs in which the smallest bronchioles and alveoli fill with pus and other liquid
  5. e Ideal Body Weight

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  1. Ventilation of perfusion scan.
  2. At Bedtime
  3. continuous positive airway pressure
  4. Pain in the pleura.
  5. the throat; receives the air after it passes through the nose

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  1. P.T.A.Prior To Admission


  2. I.C.U.intramuscular


  3. ethmoid sinusesthe surgical puncture of the chest wall with a needle to obtain fluid from the pleural cavity


  4. HgbHemoglobin


  5. L.L.L.nothing by mouth


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