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  1. atelectasis
  2. mucus
  3. p (with line)
  4. PaO2
  5. bradypnea
  1. a After
  2. b Abnormally slow rate of respiration; usually less than 10 breathes per minute.
  3. c Condition in which the lung fails to expand because air cannot pass beyond the bronchioles that are blocked by secretions.
  4. d Oxygen partial pressure.
  5. e secreted by the mucous membranes

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  1. located in the frontal bone just above the eyebrows; an infection here can cause severe pain in this area
  2. the airtight area between the layers of the pleural membranes
  3. Bleeding from the nose.
  4. fluid
  5. has 3 lobes: superior, middle, and inferior

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  1. bronchoscopyVisual examination of the bronchi using a bronchoscope.


  2. pulse oximeterpumps air or oxygen through a liquid medicine to turn it into a vapor, which is then inhaled by the patient via a face mask or mouthpiece


  3. bronchorrheaAbnormally rapid rate of respiration, usually of more than 20 breaths per minute.


  4. p.r.n.Nothing By Mouth


  5. VaVolume of Total Alveolar Space/min


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