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  1. A cylinder with a 3A stamp indicates what about the construction of the tank?
  2. carina trachea
  3. At body temperature of 37 degrees C, Water Vapor Pressure equals?
  4. A nasal cannula at 1 LPM delivers what % of O2 delivered?
  5. visceral pleurae
  1. a 47 mmHg
  2. b Made of Carbon Steel
  3. c lungs encased here
  4. d point of bifurcation into bronchial tubes
  5. e .24

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  1. Heliox.
  2. Name the two parts of the vestibule that has receptors for static equilibrium
  3. drug that dissolves, or prevent the formation of, thrombi or emboli in the blood vessels
  4. carbon dioxide
  5. muscular partition that separated the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity and aids in respiration by moving up and down

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  1. One atmosphere equals how many PSI?14.7 psi


  2. What type of barometer indicates the downward force of Atmospheric pressure by the height of the column?Mercury


  3. Convert 103 degrees F into C.true ribs (1-7)


  4. asphyxiationAn interruption of breathing that results in the loss of consciousness or death.


  5. epinephrinealpha, beta adrenergic agonist


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