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  1. Orthopnea
  2. tonsillitis
  3. thoracic
  4. At a temperature of 24 degrees C, a capacity of 22.5 mg/L, what is the relative humidity if the absolute humidity has a content of 14 mg/L?
  5. What agency creates standards for the storage of flammable and oxidizing gases?
  1. a ability to breath only in an upright position
  2. b NFPA
  3. c acute or chronic inflammation of the tonsils
  4. d 62%
  5. e 12, T1-T12

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  1. Primary transfer of heat in liquids and gas
  2. presence of numerous polyps in the nose
  3. obstructive pulmonary disease characterized by overexpansion of the alveoli with air, with destructive changes in their walls resulting in loss of lung elasticity and gas exchange
  4. bronchodilators
  5. Decrease in pressure

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  1. Give the most popular device used in Respiratory Care that is considered a High Flow Device.For low flow pressure connections, Used on threaded valve outlets.


  2. What percent does oxygen occupy at 760 mmHg?21%


  3. aphonianormal breathing


  4. claviclecollar bone, supports shoulder, articulates with sternum and scapula


  5. The actual amount of water vapor is called what?Water vapor content


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