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  1. pneumohemothorax
  2. Bronchioles
  3. empyema
  4. lungs
  5. bony thorax
  1. a 1) increase size 2) creates negative air pressure in lungs 3)air flows in to equalize pressure 4) air pressure in lungs becomes positive 5) air moves out to equalize pressure
  2. b air and blood in the pleural cavity
  3. c progressively smaller tubular branches of the airways
  4. d accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity
  5. e protection

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  1. force exerted by air molecules on walls of container
  2. Artificial nose.
  3. Inflammation of the larynx.
  4. method of artificial respiration and closed-chest massage used to restore breathing and cardiac output after cardiac arrest
  5. Name a special sense, located in the cochlea, that uses mechanoreceptors called hair cells, in the organ of corti.

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  1. T/F. One of the body's first responces to hypoxemia is to increase the rate and depth of respirations?PaO2


  2. T/F. Administraton of supplemental O2 may serve to exacerbate the hypoxemia and increase the body's stimulus to increase cardiac output?False.


  3. pyothoraxaccumulation of pus in the pleural cavity


  4. Diaphysisobstructive pulmonary disease characterized by over expansion of the alveoli with air


  5. One atmosphere equals how many PSI?14.7 psi


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