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  1. right lung
  2. What must be carefully controlled when using an Oxyhood with an infant?
  3. When the volume remains constant, the pressure exerted by that gas is proportional to it's absolute temperature, who's law is this?
  4. tonsill/o
  5. What is one disadvantage of the Physical Analyzer?
  1. a only accurate at sea level.
  2. b Gay-Lussac's Law
  3. c 28 levels (3 lobes)
  4. d Temperature.
  5. e tonsil (almond)

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  1. Name the auditory ossicle that connects to the tympanic membrane.
  2. pleura
  3. 70.34
  4. Usually an emergency procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain acdess to the airway below a blockage.
  5. Pressure exerted by molecules hitting the surface of a liquid and escaping

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  1. bronchospasminflammation of the bronchi


  2. bronchoscopyVisual examination of the bronchi using a bronchoscope.


  3. Ethmoidpanting; obstructive pulmonary disease caused by a spasm of bronchial tubes or by swelling of their mucous membrane


  4. ChoroidWhat coat ( tunic) of the eye is the vascular tunic


  5. What is the % amount for O2 in heliox?20% and 30%


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