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  1. upper respiratory infectino (URI)
  2. phren/o
  3. lateral boundary
  4. Epiphysis, or Red marrow
  5. What is the threshold PaO2 for Hypoxemia?
  1. a diaphragm (also mind)
  2. b < 60mmHg
  3. c infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract involving the nasal passages, pharynx, and bronchi
  4. d ribs 1-12
  5. e Site of hematopoiesis in the adult

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  1. physical exmination method of tapping over the body to elicit vibrations and sounds to estimate the size border or fluid content such as the chest
  2. inability to breathe
  3. Pulmonary vasoconstriction. Right ventricular failure or Cor Pulmonale.
  4. 20% and 30%
  5. pneumonia caused by the Pneumocystis carinii organism- a common opportunictic infection sen in those with postive human immunodeficiency

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  1. manubrium sterniLower jaw bone


  2. epistaxisnosebleed


  3. T/F. Administration of supplemental O2 will increase the partial pressure of O2 in the alveoli?35-60%


  4. An Ohmeda analyzer is an_________popping sounds heard on auscultation of the lung when air enters diseased airways and alveoli- occurs in disorders such as bronchiectasis or atelectasis


  5. Name the most economical way to produce oxygen.depress ribs 1-11, pull ribs down


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