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  1. Nasals
  2. Bronchospasm
  3. exhalation
  4. palat/o
  5. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  1. a Bridge of nose
  2. b push air out
  3. c constriction of bronchi caused by spasm of the peribronchial smooth muscle
  4. d Device that pumps a constant pressurized flow of air through the nasal passages
  5. e palate

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  1. Scientific name for bone shaft
  2. removal of a lobe of a lung
  3. The cavity located between the lungs.
  4. 1) increase size 2) creates negative air pressure in lungs 3)air flows in to equalize pressure 4) air pressure in lungs becomes positive 5) air moves out to equalize pressure
  5. superior surface of the manubrium sterni

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  1. What is the air/O2 ratio for 70%0.6:1


  2. adeniodcarbon dioxide


  3. How can you reduce the risk of ROP?4


  4. RalesName the auditory ossicle that connects to the oval window of the inner ear.


  5. What must be monitored on an infant inside an incubator?O2 Hood.


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