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  1. What does a neutral density filter do?
  2. This type of data backup system is fault-tolerant because it creates and stores redundant data
  3. When the subtractive primaries are added together equally, what is created?
  4. What file type affects printing when a 5th generation is used?
  5. What is gamut?
  1. a Jpg
  2. b The entire range of colors that can be seen, reproduced, or captured. Our eyes have a greater gamut than a print or monitor.
  3. c RAID system
  4. d Absorbs equal quantities of all wavelengths of light. It allows you to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds without changing color balance.
  5. e Black. Subtractive primaries are Magenta, Yellow, Cyan

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  1. four times more
  2. aperture diameter
  3. Fisheye
  4. Through the Lens. A camera that can automatically control flash exposure using sensors inside the camera.
  5. Diffused front lighting

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  1. When the size of the aperture is decreased, it is said to be what?stopped down


  2. How would you define exposure in mathematical terms? (X times Y = exposure)lengthen (or slow) the shutter speed


  3. What is a BIT?The smallest unit of information consisting of either a 1 or a zero. It can only represent two possibilities - either yes or no, black or white.


  4. What kind of lighting pattern is useful to narrow a face?Short lighting


  5. What determines what will be a 'normal' focal length lens on a particular camera?Sensor size - the larger the sensor size, the longer the focal length of a normal lens. (Corresponds to a diagonal line across the frame)


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