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  1. Resolution refers to what?
  2. What kind of light will be produced when using a large white umbrella close to a subject?
  3. Color systems divide all colors into which three measurements?
  4. What determines what will be a 'normal' focal length lens on a particular camera?
  5. The smallest unit of digital information is called a what?
  1. a The number of pixels per unit of length in a image
  2. b Hue, Luminance, Saturation
  3. c Bit
  4. d flat, low contrast light
  5. e Sensor size - the larger the sensor size, the longer the focal length of a normal lens. (Corresponds to a diagonal line across the frame)

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  1. Change the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the lighter the background will be. The faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be because less existing light is captured.
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Depth of field
  5. Aperture-Priority

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  1. What are IPTC fields used for?Metadata fields that hold info on photographer, subject, and usage.


  2. What is gamut?An 8-BIT sequence that represents 256 possibilities - black & white & 254 shades of grey. The size of a file is the number of bytes it contains.


  3. Convex lenses cause light rays to do what?bend toward each other and converge at the focal point.


  4. A lens set at f/4 admits how much more/less light than one set at f/2.8?Half as much light


  5. The quantity of light that reaches your sensor is controlled by what?Shutter speed & aperture


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