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  1. Insulin-Like Growth Factor
  2. Dopamine
  3. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  4. Insulin
  5. Acromegaly, Gigantism
  1. a Hypothalamus
  2. b Pancreas
  3. c stimulates the corpus luteum to grow and secrete estrogen and progesterone at a higher rate; pregnancy tests work by detecting this in women's urine
  4. d Excess Growth Hormone
  5. e Liver

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  1. The chief estrogen, females produce more than males, develops and maintains female secondary sex characteristics, important roles in menstruation and pregnancy
  2. INS
  3. fatty molecules of the immune system that regulate inflammation, especially in the lungs; they are heavily involved in the problems associated with asthma and bronchitis
  4. Anterior Pituitary
  5. Kidney

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  1. ReninGI Tract (Gastrointestinal Tract)


  2. Thyrotropin Releasing HormoneHypothalamus


  3. Adrenocorticotropic HormoneADH


  4. MelatoninThyroid


  5. AldosteroneAdrenal Cortex


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