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  1. Angiotensin
  2. hydrophobic
  3. Growth Hormone
  4. Angiotensinogen
  5. Graves' Disease, Hyperthyroidism
  1. a Excess thyroid hormone (s)
  2. b Anterior Pituitary
  3. c repelling, tending not to combine with, or incapable of dissolving in water (or other aqueous solutions, like blood); implies lipophilic
  4. d vasoconstrictor that results in an increase in blood pressure
  5. e Liver

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  1. Hypothalamus
  2. appears to increase insulin effects (sensitivity); anti-inflammatory and anti-arthrogenic
  3. Autoantibody 'thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin' (TSI) mimics the action of TSH on the thyroid
  4. OXT
  5. GHIH or SST

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  1. Acromegalya molecule that is made up of amino acids and that is needed to build and repair body structures and to regulate processes in the body; many hormones are proteins


  2. Thymosininvolved in T-cell differentiation and enhancement of T and natural killer cell actions


  3. Antidiuretic HormonePosterior Pituitary


  4. GastrinsWorks w/ insulin & glucagon to maintain normal blood sugar


  5. Thrombopoietinstimulates the production of red blood cells


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