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  1. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin
  2. Where is the anterior commissure located?
  3. What are 3 different types of mutations?
  4. What is vascular insufficiency?
  5. Hypothalamus
  1. a just in front of the columns of the fornix
  2. b Germ-cell mutations, somatic mutations, and lethal mutations
  3. c homeostasis and reproduction
  4. d A disruption of blood flow to a region of tissue
  5. e This hormone produced by the blastocyst and early placenta maintains the corpus luteum

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  1. intussuception: intestine folds up inside itself
  2. rupture of middle meningeal artery - looks like a biconvex disk on a CT - Lucid interval (talk and die)
  3. Pedigree
  4. Autosomal dominant
  5. capillary endothelial cells act as selective barrier between brain and blood; barrier allows passage of passage of blood gases and uptake of glucose - tight junctions cause route of transport to be transcellular (depends on passive diffusion, facilitative diffusion/carriers/transporters, lipid solubility - glut1 for glucose, neutral AA transporter for L-dopa, Na cotransporter for glycine)

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  1. Relate the electrical properties of cable-like structures, such as axons and dendrites, to their length constantshigher the fiber diameter or resistance across a cells surface, higher the length constant


  2. methocarbamol

    Muscle Relaxant


  3. Chemotherapy Toxicity-therapeutic index close to 1 = toxic to cancer & normal cells
    -many drugs lack toxic specificity
    -myelosuppression (bone marrow suppression) is usually the dose limiting toxicity


  4. PaclitaxelThis hormone tonically inhibits prolactin production and release


  5. Brodmann's Area 4B can donate to..


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