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  1. Sorafenib
  2. Lobotomy
  3. MOA of rituximab
  4. toxicity of tamoxifen
  5. Dehydroepiandrosterone
  1. a binds CD20 & inhibits cell cycle initiation
    -found in 90% of NHL cells
  2. b a weak androgen; a precursor for other androgens and also some estrogens
  3. c Surgical removal of the frontal cortex has been tried as a treatment for severe mental illness but resulted in unwanted complications (epilepsy, abnormal personality, lack of social inhibition); this procedure has yielded to the administration of psychoactive drugs
  4. d menopausal Sx, fluid retention, masculinization
  5. e Mainly VEGF-R small molecule inhibitor (also kit and PDGF-R)

    Low specificity (affects many kinases)

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  1. exchange of chromosomal segments between a pair of homologous chromosmes during Prophase I of Meiosis
  2. blocks glycine receptors in the CNS - same as tetanus toxin with spasms, convulsions and interference with breathing
  3. PNS -> CNS
  4. increased during active states of the disease,
  5. Dairy products affect absorption

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  1. Anti-thyroid drugs
    Radioactive iodine
    MOA: emits beta particle radiation, slowly destroying the thyroid tissue


  2. Where is CN VMetencephalon (pons)


  3. Vinca AlkaloidsVinblastine (Velban); Vincristine (Oncovin); Vinorelbine (Navelbine); Arrests mitotic division at the metaphase of cell division; side effects: bone marrow suppression, hari loss, vomiting


  4. Spinothalamic tract (anterolateral system)can't cross blood brain barrier - no effective means of delivery to CNS


  5. Where is CN IIImyelencephalon (medulla, preolivary sulcus - between olive and pyramid)


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