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  1. Medulla Oblongate
  2. Slow anterograde transport
  3. MOA of doxorubicin
  4. Quinine
  5. What is the circle of Willis?
  1. a inhibits heme polymerase activity leading to toxic buildup of heme; kills trophozoites in RBCs and gametocytes
  2. b -intercalation leads to inhibition of DNA synthesis & transmission
    -formation of toxic O2 free radicals causes single & double stranded breaks
    -inhibits topoisom II to lesser extent
  3. c anterograde uses kinesin to take cytoskeleton molecules (really slow) and soluble proteins/enzymes from soma to nerve ending
  4. d Controls heart activity, breathing, and sweating. Point of fiber crossover from body to brain (where spinal cord enters skull and joins brain)
  5. e A region of overlapping blood supply in the brain and anastomotic connections to protect the brain when part of its vascular supply is blocked

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  1. -90 mV
  2. A thin sheet of gray matter known as the septum pellucidum which occupies the midline
  3. directly

  4. Surgical removal of the frontal cortex has been tried as a treatment for severe mental illness but resulted in unwanted complications (epilepsy, abnormal personality, lack of social inhibition); this procedure has yielded to the administration of psychoactive drugs
  5. metencephalon (cerebellopontine angle)

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  1. How does the fourth ventricle communicate with the subarachnoid spaceParts of the midbrain and thalamus, inferior surface of the temporal lobe, and the medial aspect of the occipital lobe, including the primary visual cortex, and splenium of corpus callosum


  2. Where is the Wernicke's are located?the posterior part of the superior temporal gyrus and in parts of the adjacent parietal and occipital lobes (in the dominant, usually the left, hemisphere)


  3. IAIA and IAipossible genotypes for blood type A


  4. True or False: the expression of sex-linked genes is controlled by hormones.False. Hormones should be sex chromosomes


  5. sex-linked traitsThe action of aromatases converts testosterone to this


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