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  1. Luteinizing hormone
  2. Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  3. Frontal lobe
  4. Trastuzumab "HER 2 Neu Mab"
    1) how do we prevent serum sickness with this one?
    2) what's the mech?
    3) 2 famous reactions
  5. Parietral Lobe
  1. a WOMEN: regulates estrogen secretion and ovum development; MEN: testosterone production
  2. b 1) humanized
    2) binds the her-2-neu receptor, inhibits growth of the cell AND promotes antibody dependent cell killing. Takes advantage of fact that some breast cancers overexpress HER2Neu
    3) cardiotox, esp with doxo; hypersensitivity.
  3. c Somatosensory processing (touch, pain ,tempertuare, limb position)
  4. d MOTOR planning, language, judgment, working (short-term) memory
  5. e Radiographs with contrast medium are digitally subtracted; only vascular structures remain - better contrast (DYE APPEARS DARK). Indication for stenosis, abnormalities, occlusion of cerebral arteries

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  1. In male embryos, turns off the development of a uterus and other female structures.
  2. Plays a role in anger and fear.
  3. ventral - anterior median fissure, pyramids, pre/post olivary sulcus, olives, CN IX - XII; dorsal - caudal (medullary) rhomboid fossa, hypoglossal and vagal trigones, obex and gracile and cuneate tubercles; lateral - pyramids, olives, pre/postolivary sulci, cuneate tubercle
  4. this cytochrome makes cortisol and androgens in the adrenal cortex
  5. small to medium sized pyramidal neurons - communications with homotropic contralateral cortices (commissural fibers)

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  1. What is an example of something that is controlled by 3 or more alleles?The lingual gyrus


  2. InsulinHormone produced by the pancreas that is released when stimulated by elevated glucose levels. This hormone decreases blood sugar levels by accelerating the transport of glucose into the body cells where it is oxidized for energy or converted to glycogen or fat for storage.


  3. DNA intercalatingDoxorubicin
    *CLASS 2 -- S/G2 phase


  4. Log Kill Chemotherapy-kills a constant PERCENTAGE of cancer cells regardless of their size (first order kinetics)
    -can never kill ALL tumor cells
    -# of log kills needed for trtmt depends on # of cancer cells in that patient
    -3 log = 99.9% of cells dead
    -4 logs = 99.99% of cells dead


  5. Meningococcal conjugate vaccine has an old product and a new productmenomune(not T cell dependant) and menactra(T cell dependant good memory)


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