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  1. Whenever another image is copied or moved into a file, Photoshop automatically creates what?
  2. What is a derivative file?
  3. What kind of lighting pattern is useful to widen a subject?
  4. Digital cameras use what set of primary colors?
  5. This kind of lens has a variable focal length
  1. a A RAW file that has been altered
  2. b Broad lighting
  3. c A new layer
  4. d Zoom lens
  5. e Additive (R, G, B)

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  1. sRGB
  2. Shutter speed & aperture
  3. Along the lines of an imaginary grid at intersecting points that divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically
  4. The size of the opening in the lens which controls the amount of light reaching the sensor.
  5. Absorbs equal quantities of all wavelengths of light. It allows you to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds without changing color balance.

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  1. Printers use how many bits per channel of information when printing?8 bits


  2. A general purpose lens will provide an f-stop range of up to how many?1920 pixels by 2400 pixels (4.6 million pixels)


  3. An image made of pixels is sometimes called what?A raster image


  4. What is a flag?Also called a gobo; it is a small panel usually mounted on a stand that shades some part of the subject or shields the lens from light that could cause flare


  5. How would you define exposure in mathematical terms? (X times Y = exposure)lengthen (or slow) the shutter speed


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