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Anand Sharma

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Anand does design and frontend development at Quizlet. He previously ran an interactive design agency and attended UCLA. Past projects include Dragon Labs, Theory 11, Bicycle Cards, Vdio, a CSS-powered clock, and a web analytics startup.

13 posts

March 5 · Took this selfie while designing the schema for a new Quizlet feature - if only Sophia's arm was longer!

December 5 · Getting ready to release some big improvements...

July 15 · Don't try this at home

May 13 · The new header on top of all the modes should make it easier to focus on studying and switch between modes.

Everything I know about design I learned playing Starcraft

April 3 · Photoshop and Starcraft may seem worlds apart, but skills like using keyboard shortcuts effecti…

March 20 · Crepes for lunch at the office!

December 21 · Setting up some brand new machines for January interns

December 13 · Sketches for the app update

December 7 · The high five button is now on all posts!

December 7 · Brainstorming a new high five button.

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