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Andrew Sutherland

Founder and CTO

Andrew helps the team build a great user experience and technology infrastructure. He started Quizlet for a French class in high school, and then worked on it while attending MIT. He currently serves on the Alumni Advisory Group for the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education.

120 posts

June 12 · Video shoot today at Quizlet HQ!

April 19 · We just upgraded the set page with a cleaner design! More to come!

February 20 · Quizlet team taking a break to go climbing!

Inside Quizlet's incredible feedback center

January 15 · Today we'd like to share Quizlet's secret weapon: our custom-built feedback center. When I starte…

November 19 · Class visit: Sophia, Dave, and Andrew play along with a French exercise at Prospect Sierra in El Cerrito.

Note on Search and iOS app

September 4 · Hey Everyone, Welcome back to school! It's exciting to see so many people coming back to Quizlet.…

June 17 · All team dinner! Thompson being goofy

April 19 · A team from Pixar is at the quizlet office for a ping pong tournament. We're up 2-0

March 21 · Designing the new cards

February 27 · Who wants a t-shirt?

February 11 · We are at the startup career fair at MIT

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