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Dave focuses on enabling the Quizlet team in everything they do. Previously he worked at, Netscape, Evite and Enterprise Insight. He has degrees from Stanford Business School, Brown University, and Swampscott High School. See his blog at

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March 19 · "New Century students with their Chromebooks studying vocabulary on Quizlet. Total engagement for all." (@LeahBartram, Moore County Schools, Vass, NC.)

March 13 · "8th Grade students @VMMS_Generals in Social Studies class, reviewing thru Quizlet #NCSSBeTheBest" (@maryroach26)

March 5 · "Just a few years ago the sight of this in my classroom would have frightened me. Not anymore! #byod @quizlet" (@ErinLaCosseMain)

February 20 · On Quizlet's business model ( "Why The Best Learning Tools for the Next Generation Should Be Free."

February 14 · "Using mobile technologies to aid revision #dysgucymraeg pwy fydd Pencampwr Quizlet? Who'll be Quizlet champ?" (@cymraegccs, Cowbridge Comprehensive School near Cardiff, Wales)

February 12 · We've just launched voice recording, so you can record your own voice on Quizlet!

December 30 · Minnesota Twins pitcher Alex Meyer uses Quizlet with his students when substitute teaching anatomy at Greensburg High School (The Indianapolis Star).

November 18 · Quizlet mentioned in a Jeffrey Eugenides book excerpt in New Yorker Magazine.

October 23 · Playing scatter competitively at the smartboard in Spanish class at Dublin Jerome HS in OH (via Twitter, @profeslack)

October 16 · "3rd period Chemistry Quizlet winners!" (@ron_ron6781)

September 23 · APPreciation: Quizlet (Syracuse University Daily Orange)

August 22 · Christian Science Monitor: "Ten great back-to-school apps."

July 22 · Quizlet's office swings are up and running: for those who are curious, here's the inside story of how we set them up.

June 29 · "Education technology, catching on at last."

Quizlet Visits an 8th grade Spanish Class

March 18 · This week the Quizlet team did a really fun class visit at The Berkeley School, and then went ou…

March 23 · "Startups: a hidden lifestyle at MIT." (The Tech)

March 22 · "Five Apps That Can Help Students Manage College Life."

January 20 · "How a teen-founded company won the Node Jam." (VentureBeat)

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